That’s, like, twice as much

By Mir
March 25, 2010

I like to employ what my husband calls “fake math” when figuring out savings and deals. So, for example, anything I can buy with Paypal is free, because Paypal isn’t real money! (Please note: Paypal is real money. But I like to think about it this way because it amuses me.)

Furthermore, a 50% off deal at a store I really like is actually twice as much I can buy. See how that works? And through April 4th, 2010, you can shop Coldwater Creek and take 50% off absolutely everything (even items in the Outlet) with coupon code AFLA146.

So either save 50% or buy twice as much. That part is up to you, and I certainly won’t tell anyone.


  1. It appears that you don’t need a coupon code and the prices marked are already “50% off” – at least in the outlet. And they aren’t so good with the math as WAS 49.95 to NOW $26.99 does not = 50% off even though when I put it in my bag I got a this message “Congratulations, you receive 50% off your order!”

    The code you provided did nothing to drop the price at checkout. Bummer

  2. You have to get almost to the end of the checkout process before the discount is reflected. It’s pretty deceptive on the “subtotal” page but does say in small print that the discounts haven’t been taken yet.

    Try again! I just got some great stuff and it’s definitely an additional 50% off the clearance prices (one of which is a jacket that I missed out on last time they ran a great sale – they sold out but must have received a few more!)

    Thanks, Mir!

  3. My husband always tells me I need to “cool it with the PayPal.” I love PayPal!

  4. agreed, the 50% off promo shows up at the VERY end, meanwhile it tells you your price is already 50% off early on . . . but the additional 50% does come off in the end

  5. I thought I was the only one who thought PayPal wasn’t real money!

    If you’re feeling lucky, 50% is usually just the starting point w/CC. At least twice a year, they will go up to 80% or 90% off.

  6. The ultimate fake money? Swagbucks. It sounded so cheesy before I signed up, but now I’m an addict.

  7. @Carrie….thanks for reminding me I just redeemed Swagbucks for paypal money.
    Does that make it “double fake”?? Do I get twice as much? 😉

  8. Awesome, I just got a dress, necklace, and earrings for my mom for Mother’s Day and spent $51 shipped (would have been a ton more without the outlet price and the 50% off on top of that)!!

  9. Thank you pretty Mir! How nice to get an Easter dress & jacket and save $45 on it!!!

  10. Thanks, everyone – I will go back through. It’s dumb that they don’t reflect the discount on the subtotal page, right after entering the code…I abandoned the whole process at that point – can’t be the only one

  11. 2 tops, a jacket and a pair of pants for $63 shipped. Not bad. I’ve never ordered from CC before so we’ll see if I like the clothes.

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