Round-up at the Friday Corral

By Mir
March 26, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I went ahead and had an entire cup of coffee before even looking at the sad remains of the Amazon Friday Sale, today, knowing that it was just going to annoy me. And I was right! Though they do have a lot of coffee, so maybe worth checking if you need some. On the other hand, I’m rather tickled by today’s Gold Box Deal: The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Edition (five Marx Brothers movies on DVD) for just $26.49. That would make a pretty cool Father’s Day gift, no? And the video game deal of the day is Academy of Champions: Soccer for the Wii for just $15, plus there’s the usual crop of 100 MP3 albums for just $5 each to check out. And finally, the end of the month (which, yeah, we’re already at) is the best time to check out the Manager’s Special grocery reductions for slashed prices on food. Like, hello, how about 32 packages of Late July cheddar snack crackers (read: organic CheezIts) for just $9.25 shipped on Subscribe & Save. (Insert your own “Amazon, I wish I knew how to quit you” joke here.)

Today is trying to lure me in with amazing deals on BCBG and Nine West. Must… resist….

They’ll probably sell out quickly, and there’s only a few sizes available even as I type this, but over in the Target Daily Deals they’ve got patent ballerina flats for little girls for just $5 each with free shipping. (Use code URTYJLI8 for an extra 10% off!)

Holy wow, but there’s a ton of clearance going on right now at Taste of Home! Use coupon code 347 for free shipping on $10+, or code LST18 for 15% off $25+, 20% off $35+, or 25% off $45+ (and I think shipping is free on $40+, regardless). You can sort by price in the sidebar, there—check out the $19.99 and Under category to find most of the markdowns.

I’m off to do my typical Friday things, like catching up on all the stuff I didn’t get done between Monday and Thursday. Oops. Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Mir, I bought those Target ballerina flats for my girl and they were less than poor quality…I know $5, what should I expect? But I did expect more than an hour’s wear inside the house before they started peeling apart….I took them back to Target, just sayin…

    love your site:)

  2. Amazon has LOTS of boots on sale today, too….. though it’s soon to be sandal season, I’ve been watching for sale knee high boots. Just sayin’.

  3. Thanks for the reminder on the managers specials…just got great deals on a couple of things we “needed” or at least that will make my life easier!

  4. Thanks for the tip on the Late July crackers – we love them here.

    And for anyone who is interested, I got those flats from Target last time they were on sale, and they run very small – my daughter wears two sizes bigger than her normal size in those!

  5. Is Taste of Home reliable? I ordered five or six cookbooks during its sale, and my order was cancelled without ever notifying me or offering an explanation about why.

  6. Leslie, I received some of my cookbooks, but others were canceled. I just emailed them to find out why those were canceled (supposedly due to not having any of the books and not getting anymore in, and I received a voicemail message about it), because they are still selling the books they don’t have and aren’t getting on the site with a future ship date… I hope I receive a response on this.


  7. Oh, and I was a bit surprised to get a voicemail, when everything else was done online and via email. My husband actually got the message and asked why they were calling and if I had called them, which I hadn’t. I had emailed them, however, because nothing was mentioned about the lack of the “out of stock” cookbook when they shipped my items.

  8. Prom parents: look for shoes NOW, especially if your girl has small feet. My daughter found her white patent leather shoes (she prefers flats and has teeny tiny feet) just before Easter in the kids’ shoes dept.
    If the Target shoes are decent, take a look.

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