Spell out the savings

By Mir
March 29, 2010

Oh, so cute—today’s Sale of the Day at The Company Store makes me wish my kids were smaller. Choose alphabet letters to spell out their names (or whatever you’d like), either pink pony-themed ones for the girls or navy blue pirate-themed options for the boys. Some letters are unavailable, but they’ve got a pretty good assortment considering the regular price of $10/letter has been dropped down to just $1.99 each.

Use coupon code CKSAVE for an additional 20% off, too; that’ll help offset the shipping a little bit.


  1. This will be helpful to those who have created *ahem* “unusual” spellings for their children’s names that they cna’t find anywhere else.

  2. They are sold out of “A”s…bummer, both my boys require an A.

  3. Can’t spell Sam without an A! I’m not into pirates anyway, but it is a very tempting deal!

  4. they’re out of “i” too…but you could always do initials instead of names!

  5. “i” is the only vowel showing available to me. I need “i”, but I also need “u” and “a”!

  6. bummer, No “h” or “d” makes Chloe and Audrey difficult to spell

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