That’s a lot of data storage

By Mir
March 29, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

My husband informs me that today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal is a real steal—it’s a 1.5TB hard drive for just $85.

If you know someone who regularly has to back up a ton of data—say, suppose you’re married to a photographer, for example—this is apparently very exciting. If you are someone like me who just feels happy that your computer boots up and allows you to log on to Facebook, maybe it’s not for you. So there you have it.

(Random geeky fact: Said husband recently calculated that the cost of archival backups to drives like these is actually cheaper than his old method of burning everything to DVD. Perhaps that’s why he’s so excited.)


  1. What, no one else is as excited about this as me? I already ordered two …


  2. I’m tempted to order one just because I like the way “terabyte” sounds. Grrrrrr…it’s a terabyte!!

    Otherwise, I’m with you. Can I play scramble on FB? Good enough!

  3. My husband backs up everything (and I do mean everything) for 8 computers between 2 homes. he also does offsite backups for all 8 computers (so for our 3 there is a backup at his parents and for their 5 there’s a backup here).

    He’s a bit crazy 🙂

  4. I think I’m going to get this! I will move ALL my photos off my old portable hard drive, and use my big drive SPECIFICALLY for photography!!! Yay!!!

  5. I just called my husband to tell him about this! He’s as excited as Otto (he’s multimedia guy who does a lot of video). Thanks, Mir!

  6. Doh. We just bought something similar to this.

    (My husband? Takes a lot of photos. Just sayin’.)

  7. We got one for my hubby’s computer, and had a $25 amazon gift card from my amazon credit card, so got it for $60!

  8. I just want to check my email…. But we do have a digital camera and it’s pictures clog up my Mac. Can stupid people use this? Or is it going. To be a lot of work to set it up? I think I am going to call my mom.

    Thanks Mir!

  9. Hmmm… photographer daughter might use one like this. A graduation present, perhaps.

  10. My honey says this is a good deal, but that you might want to read the reviews about running it on a machine that has Windows XP.

  11. Actually, having had an external drive go bad, anything I would really hate to lose is also backed up online and to a DVD. I know the chances of both my computer HD and external HD failing at the same time are slim, but they aren’t non-existent.

  12. Dang, the 1.5 TB sold out, but they replaced it with a 1 TB for $69.99.

  13. I missed this, but does anyone remember what brand it was?

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