That’s a lotta wipes

By Mir
March 30, 2010

Need baby wipes? Amazon has 6 tubs of Pampers Clean ‘n Go Baby Wipes available for just $11.49, which is a mere $.03/wipe—just make sure you select Amazon from the “More Buying Choices” box down on the lower right of the page (it’s currently defaulting to Target).

Looks like it doesn’t ship for a couple of weeks, but if you use wipes, it may be worth the wait. (Heck, I still use wipes. My “baby” is 10.) (Um, just to be clear, we use them to clean up hands and faces and stuff. Not for anything else. Heh.)


  1. Great thing to pick up for a donation at church, or even to donate to preschools or regular schools. I’m a preschool teacher… today I went through 15 wipes with one art project, and that was only with 7 kids in my class.

  2. Perfect – this will stand in for showers whilst at Bonnaroo!

  3. Baby wipes are super for lots of things, but I used to use them to clean my bottom when I was having horrendous periods. No matter how groty you get, you can feel clean again without too much trouble.

    Now that I’m past that, I still use them. 🙂

  4. Costco’s wipes are awesome… and less than $20 for a case of 9 packs of wipes — 900 wipes in all. So if you have a Costco membership, that’s the way to go!

  5. Good deal, I’m always wiping up little hands and faces! Pampers and Target’s Up & Up are the only brands I can use on my little mans’ bottom too, so hopefully these will work if I need to change a diaper and am out of other wipes too!

  6. TMI people! A great deal – thanks, Mir — for a baby’s bottom…really! 😀

  7. Good makeup remover. Also, crayon from wood floor remover (don’t ask)

  8. I agree! Way TOO Much Information! Gross! somethings are meant to stay in the bathroom and for others not to know about…LOL 🙂

  9. We were in the bathroom-wipes habit even before a child came along – a bidet on a budget! 😉

  10. I keep a pack of these on our kitchen table. Great for quick clean-ups of sticky stuff – whether it’s the baby, the 4yo, or even me!!

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