More ways to enjoy your last day of Prime

By Mir
March 31, 2010

I’m getting all misty, thinking about how today is the last day of my free Amazon Prime trial. *sniffle* I’m not quite sad enough to pony up the yearly fee, you understand, but let’s just say I’m feeling a little wistful.

Also, I’m feeling like I want to get every last bit of free-two-day-shipping goodness out of it before it’s gone. Heh.

I’m digging this Playskool Toys Promotion where any combination of eligible items gets you an additional $5 off of $50 at checkout. Granted, $5 isn’t much, but check out the discounts already going on—they’ve got the iconic Busy Ball Popper already at 41% off, and this Walk N Ride for 55% off.

For the older kids, they’ve just marked down the hot new Pokemon DS games—SoulSilver and HeartGold are down to just $32 and $28, respectively. In the meantime, the whole family can get their groove on with Just Dance for the Wii, which is down to $24.54 and has great reviews. (Oh, man… be sure to watch the videos on the Just Dance page. Hilarious!)

And it can all be here in time for the weekend. And then it’s back to Super Saver Slow As Molasses Shipping. Sigh.


  1. If I had a Wii, I would be all over the Just Dance game…I played it at my sisters and it was so. Much. Fun. Enough to make me wish for a Wii, in fact.

  2. I played it at my sister’s house, I mean. Got a little too excited there. Sorry.

  3. I went to order the Just Dance game on a whim and realized that my prime membership is already gone! So sad to see it go and having to remember to get an order over $ 25 so it ships for free. I’ve been spoiled for the past 6 months by you Mir!

  4. I ordered a box of rubber bands to make mine over $25.00. I had to bite the bullet and order that dance game. I think my girls will LOVE it. Maybe mom will too?? hahaha

  5. I loved Prime so much that I *did* pony up the dannual fee. Amazon thanks you, Mir. 🙂 The absolutely best thing about it is I can send small gifts to my family (who live 2000 miles away) on the spur of the moment and not pay as much in shipping as for the gifts themselves.

  6. I’m with Kat. Prime is fabulous. When my trial’s up, we’re shelling out for the membership. I buy SO MUCH at amazon now. My husband would probably I rather didn’t pay for the membership, but I’ve saved enough stocking the gift closet alone to justify it.

  7. My Prime membership was up today also. I’m still back and forth about signing up. Sadly, after looking all over online the last month, I haven’t been lucky enough to find another free 3 month trial. I’ve been sucked in to this 2 days delivery that I’ll probably sign up once I realize it might take 5 days to get my orders w/o Prime……what to do, what to do

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