Reminder: Katie Crouch contest

By Mir
March 31, 2010
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Just a reminder—you have until just before midnight tonight to enter to win two Katie Crouch novels and have yourself some new reading material. For this contest we’re going to have five winners each receive a pair of books, so your odds are a lot more favorable than if there was just one prize. (Note to my 5th grade math teacher: You were right, statistics and probability did come in handy!)

As always, please be sure to leave your comment on the contest post in order to enter. Comments left on this reminder post intended to enter you into the contest will not only not be eligible, but may cause you be mocked by Want Not regulars.

If you simply must leave a comment on this post, feel free to discuss the weather. Here, I’ll start: It’s 75 and sunny here, so I was finally able to open up my office door, whereupon my dog promptly parked herself in a sunny spot to roast her furry little rump. (This was my view from over the side of my desk.) Your turn!


  1. It’s perfectly beautiful here – sunny even (which we haven’t seen in a LONG time) and yet I am trapped like a rat in my office. When, EXACTLY, am I going to win the lottery?!?!

  2. It’s nearly 90 here but the OK wind is definitely sweepin down the plains! Kind of like being in a blast furnace…

  3. The lottery is also my retirement plan. Either that or an adult adoption by a very wealthy and very old couple that have no cats (you know so they won’t leave it to the cats). It is gorgeous in Greenville, SC. Have no idea the temperature but I like it.

  4. hi snowing in SLC Utah. I can’t believe tomorrow is April, it feels like February. Probably won’t be able to go on a easter picnic this weekend. boooo hoooo

  5. It’s 37 degrees and may snow. Um, yeah.

  6. It reached 73 here! That’s Northeastern Wisconsin, so hitting 70 is cause for celebration. I think I’ll cook bratwurst on the grill and… ooh, did you say the Packers schedule for 2010 came out today??!

  7. It was in the mid 70’s here yesterday and we had the windows open all day long to let in the nice fresh air!
    My cats always used to park themselves in the sun coming through the windows too. Cute baby!

  8. 83 and sunny. Bordering on the too hot already…

  9. We got up to 70 (or close thereby) in Northern Minnesota today. All day, people kept coming into my office (no outside windows) and telling me, “It’s so nice outside. You should get out there today!”

    I can’t, people! I’m working! AARRGGGGGHHH!! 🙁

  10. Finally nice here. Makes it difficult to be the homework police. Teachers have mercy on us. Also, maybe I will not have to strip my children (of their muddy clothes and shoes) in the parking lot after their next soccer game. They are getting old enough to be embarassed by that.

  11. Low 70’s in Chicago with a dew point in the low 40’s – sunny and perfect. And I took my table out to the porch for the summer, and lots of the neighborhood kids came to color and blow bubbles and decorate the sidewalk with chalk.

    A perfect, perfect day.

  12. It’s supposed to be GORGEOUS and WARM here all weekend . . so of course I’ll be in Canada, locked up in various apartment buildings visiting relatives. Phooey.

    On another note, my daughter just got a kids’ book called “Good Boy, Fergus!” and all I could think of while reading it, was your Licorice. It was a hoot! 😉

  13. I awoke to a beautiful moonlit clear morning that was surprisingly warm – kinda like Mother Nature giving me a good morning hug! (wow does THAT sound corny. but I’m leavin’ it)

  14. Love to read!

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