While I virtuously eat a grapefruit

By Mir
March 31, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Have I mentioned this whole healthy-eating thing I’ve been doing? Yes? Six or seven hundred times? Good thing I’m not bitter about it, or anything. Ahem.

So, sure, I personally won’t be indulging in today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal, which happens to be your choice of four different decadent flavors of Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares, but maybe you would be interested, particularly if today is the last day of your free Prime trial (it is for me) and the Easter Bunny has refined taste.

6 bags of Ghirardelli squares for $14.50. It’s like Amazon is mocking me.


  1. Wish it were a mix of the flavors!

  2. Hey – I just tried to do the Justin’s nut butter deal you had mentioned last week, but it isn’t giving me an option to get it as Subscribe & Save. It will let me put it in my cart and get the 20% off, but not the extra 15% with free shipping. It shows that it will ship in 2-4 weeks, so it seems like it will be in stock soon. Any ideas? Today is the last day to get this deal.

  3. Six packages…as if one wouldn’t be enough to do me in.

  4. If you get the dark chocolate you can call it health food.

  5. I’m getting the most out of my last day of Amazon Prime. I just order the Chocolate-Peanut Butter, I figure with 6 bags, I could give them to some family members for Easter.

  6. Mmmmm. health food for Easter.

  7. setting these aside to go w/ teacher gifts =)

  8. These would make great teacher gifts! Thanks for the idea, ChristieNY!

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