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By Mir
April 1, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Okay, maybe I’m jumping the gun just a little. It’s barely April. It’s barely Spring. And yet, I can already practically taste those lazy Summer afternoons, sitting by the side of the pool with my water bottle and a magazine, idly flipping the pages and contentedly sighing:


Oh. Um. Sorry about that—reality invaded my fantasy for a moment.

No matter! We can still talk about magazines. (Smooth. I am nothing if not smooth.) Did you know that Amazon has a whole slew of 2-for-1 magazine subscriptions available right now? They do! Many popular titles come out to $4 or $5 a year, and that means that when you do get splashed (hey, it’s bound to happen) it’s no big deal.

(Okay, you caught me. I am selfishly excited about the magazines we like—time to renew my subscription to Working Mother and my daughter’s subscription to Vegetarian Times.)


  1. This is a great deal.

    But I am most interested in the fact that the Pregnancy magazine is a mandatory 24-month subscription. Pregnancy: U R DOIN IT RONG.

  2. I did it (Pregnancy) in 7 months. 24 sounds awful!

  3. I subscribed cheaply (like this) to start stocking up my classroom with magazines for cut-out. Now that I have a good stock, I’ll have to find some other rationale for my subscriptions! “But honey, I need the recipes. Yes, 24 months of them.”

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