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By Mir
April 5, 2010
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I want the economy to turn around as much as the next person, but in the meantime I’ll reap what few spoils there are—like the fact that right now is offering an 80% off coupon code even though it’s the beginning of the month, not the end! (Why could/should this matter to you? Some restaurants offer a limited number of coupons each month, and are typically sold out by the end of the month.)

You have through April 6th (that’s tomorrow) to shop for dining certificates and save 80% with coupon code CHOW. The last time they had a code I was thrilled to discover several new eligible restaurants in my town. We’ve already used one certificate and have date plans for next weekend. When $25 of dining costs me just $2 out of pocket, I consider that a divine sign that I deserve a meal out. I mean, really.

Happy dining!


  1. The problem I have with, aside from until recently there not being a lot of choices in my area, is that almost every certificate indicates that between 18-20% gratuity is added prior to discount. I’m sorry, but they cannot guarantee decent service prior to my dining, so I should not be forced to pay that high of a gratuity. I’m not saying I don’t tip, because I do, and normally in the 15% range, but to FORCE me, before I’ve even been seated irks me a bit.

  2. When I had a picnic to help me raise money for my 3-day breast cancer walk, I bought loads of these and gave them away for when people who would make donations and I also made a gift basket with some of the really good ones. Most of the time this is a really good deal.

  3. Yippee! One of my faves in our tiny little town has been added to their list. Thanks for my anniversary present. 🙂

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