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By Mir
April 5, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If the tent from earlier didn’t float your boat—or if there’s other camping items you’ll need to get ready for summer—you might want to check out the Outdoors and Camping section at this week. They’ve just taken new markdowns on everything from mosquito soap to kayaks.

Personally, I think if you shell out for a kayak, you should get a bar of mosquito soap for free. But I’m not in charge of these things.

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  1. Mosquito Soap? All I found was Bear Repellent. I’m in Alabama and I know GA, and jeez, where are y’all camping that you need Bear Repellent? And god help us if my son finds out. He watches way too much Bear Gone Bad stuff on Animal Planet.
    NOTE: This is not to imply that I don’t trust you implicitly regarding all matters as they pertain to good stuff cheap. I do, Mir. I do.

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