If you got it, flaunt it

By Mir
April 7, 2010

We haven’t had an open thread to share our best finds, lately, and frankly I love it when you tell me about the great bargains you scored. (Because the only thing better than that great deal is the admiration of your fellow shoppers, afterward.)

Here, I’ll start: I was dropping off some outgrown clothing at our local kids’ consignment store, this past weekend, and everything in the store was half off for Easter. Naturally I decided to do a bit of shopping, and I found a few things for the kids at great prices. Then I wandered over to the “Juniors” section and found a brand new summer dress from J. Crew in my size. (Okay, it’s nice to be small enough for this sort of thing, but here I insert my standard disclaimer about how grown women shouldn’t wear clothing actually meant for teens. This dress wasn’t, but just a general caution about how dressing too young actually makes you look older.) I flipped over the tag to discover it was marked at $20, which meant it would be $10. I was in a hurry and someone was in the fitting room… and I didn’t need it… but it was really cute and $10 for a J. Crew dress? Okay, I had to chance it.

But when I got up to the register, it turned out that the dress was actually on clearance. It wasn’t $10; it was $1. When I finally tried it on at home I discovered that it fits perfectly. Woo!

Your turn—what was your greatest find of late?


  1. On a rare no-kids afternoon last week, I scored Eddie Bauer capris, shorts and a Liz cardigan at Goodwill for a grand total of $7. Woo! Looking forward to collecting some Easter candy at 75% off at Target tomorrow.

  2. Even if that dress hadn’t fit, you could have resold it on eBay for quite the profit.

  3. How? How are we supposed to top that? 😉

  4. The grocery store had Special K (my fav w/strawberries) on sale 2/$5. If you bought 4 you got and instant $5 off making it $5.39 for 4 boxes/$1.35 each. To top that off nicely the register spit out $4 off any gallon of milk. So I either got milk & 4 Special K for $5.39 or I could say I got 4 boxes of Special K for $1.39. Either way it was AWESOME!

  5. I can not beat a $1 J. Crew dress. I bow to your prowess and continue to heed your expert advice. #1 on To Do list: Shopping with Mir.

  6. My best deal lately would have to be on books. I went to my local Salvation Army on a whim last Monday to discover that on Mondays they have $2.99 book bag day. Meaning you can stuff a plastic bag as full of books as possible, as long as you are still able to carry it by the handles. I brought home more than 20 books on that first trip and went back again this past Monday to get books for the kids. Way more than 20!

    I also stumbled upon a 50percent off day at our local ARC store and found a pair of size 6slim Guess jeans with adjustable waist tabs and gorgeous blue butterfly designs on the pockets, for $3.50, for my very hard to fit daughter.

    I’ve decided I love these stores!

  7. Ohhh, we also scored a great deal last night – we were ordering a new kitchen island type thing and discovered that if we added $50 more to our order we could use a coupon code for $50 off. So we found an awesome butcher-block style cutting board for $57, marked down from $110, and we ended up getting it for $7.

  8. Really, Mir. There is not beating your deal!

  9. I was at CVS yesterday and discovered they had LaraBars clearanced to $.37 each! (Normally $1.47) I got all 12 they had. 🙂 I am thinking of stopping by another CVS we have nearby to see if theirs are clearanced too!

  10. Picture of the dollar dress, Mir!

  11. I went to CVS the night before last and got $73.28 worth of stuff (more if you add up the regular prices but I added up the sale prices) for $3.52!!! My husband accused me of shoplifting when I came home with my haul. I actually had to pull out my receipts! It might have been my best shopping trip ever!

  12. I went to one of our local grocery stores. Bought 7 boxes of Kellogs cereals for $2.99 each. They each had $1 coupon on each box. Coupon in paper for $5 off 5 boxes of Kelloggs cereals & $.50 coupon hanging on cereal display for Cinabon cereal (which they doubled) and additional coupon hanging on the display for free eggs or $2 off of eggs. So, I got 7 boxes of cereal for $1 each & 2 18 count large eggs for $.55 each.

  13. I recently bought a 60-count Zeno (pimple-busting machine) at my local Rite-Aid for half off retail at $65. When I got it home, it wouldn’t charge, so I had to go through the warranty return process. After waiting a couple weeks, I received my new one – and they sent the brand-new Zeno MD, with a 150-count tip, currently selling on Amazon for $175!

    Now I just have to find out if the darn thing actually zaps zits!

  14. I agree! We must see the J.Crew dress! Photos! Please! Also, I am in need of some serious sunblock deals! Anything?

  15. I scored 28 (yes, I’m blushing) different types of ice cream at Walmart for $14. They had prime brands, discontinued flavors marked down to 50cents each. Pints of hagen daz, starbucks, ben and jerrys; dreyers quart sizes, slow churned, low fat and fat free items too- ooh, including some weight watchers ice cream as well. We are set for months!

  16. OK, lots of people get squicked by the shoes and I understand, but even new Walmart shoes are usually out of my price range: I scored a like-new pair of Frye clogs for $10 at a “Savers” store. Has sexy heels, and yet I can actually walk in them!

  17. I bow down to your shopping prowess–all of you! The best deal I got lately was Edy’s/Dreyer’s 6 ct. frozen fruit bars for $1.99 and if you bought 5 packs you got 5 6 ct. packs of Good Humor ice cream bars for free. You don’t even want to know how many times we went back to the store for this deal! Or how much ice cream and frozen fruit bars are in my deep freeze. But frozen fruit bars are healthy, right?!

  18. We have amazing Goodwill stores in my town, and there’s a whole section with castoffs from Target. I dug through the bins to discover a beautiful set of (brand new, still packaged) Oneida cheese knives, in heavy brushed nickel, for 99 cents, and a beautiful bamboo cutting board for $1. I looked around and this would have been a $40+ set. With weddings coming up this summer, this was an ideal find!

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