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By Mir
April 7, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Today’s batch of bargains in the Target Daily Deals allow you to indulge your inner geek, inner girly-girl, or even your inner superhero.

Geeking out? Go for the TomTom GPS bundle.

Feeling girly? I’m loving that bed-in-a-bag set to brighten up the bedroom.

Want to get your superhero on? They’ve got a Blu-ray movie pair of action movies.

And if you just want to go play in the dirt, there’s a cute little tote of gardening tools available, too.

Remember—all daily deals ship for free, for one day only. Get your order to $50+ and you can click through this link to activate a coupon for an additional $5 off your order. Just because I think you’re pretty.

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  1. Nice. Thanks on this. Got two twin-sized bed-in-a-bag. First time I’ve seen an all-cotton, non-princess/nascar, inexpensive comforter set for my guest bedroom! Yay!

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