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By Mir
April 10, 2010
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Gooooood Saturday morning to you! It’s a gorgeous day, here. I’m wishing sunny skies and warmth (no one still has snow, do they?) wherever you are.

Me, I’ve talked my husband into a trip to the outlet mall. I am probably a little more excited than is normal, but I’m okay with that. If you want to shop from home, though, I think we can find you some deals.

Today’s Amazon Gold Box is filled with savings on Oskri Organics, my very favorite kind of granola bar (they’re gluten free!). Prices are slashed, and you can get free shipping and another 15% off by buying via Subscribe & Save, so this is a great time to stock up.

Would you rather bake your own treats? Check out this Kaiser Bakeware Set on sale at Amazon for just $15; that’s less than you’d spend on just the Springform pan! (This is also eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion, just in case you’re doing more shopping.)

The Target Daily Deals include $4 t-shirts for the guys, as well as a bit of a discount on an iPod Touch (though, honestly, for that sort of money I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t just make the jump to an iPhone).

All weekend at Gap they’re offering all polo shirts at just $15 apiece, and if you have a Gap card you can use coupon code THANKYOU for $10 off your $10+ order! (Also, don’t forget that items from Piperlime ship for free, and if you add a Piperlime item to your order, the whole thing ships for just $7 no matter how much you buy.)

There’s another One Day Sale at Macy’s going on, with lowest prices of the season on all sorts of things. Check out their prices on luggage—huge markdowns right now.

Will that keep you busy for a little while? I think it will. Happy shopping!


  1. Personally I wouldn’t make the jump to an iPhone because I don’t want to pay $70+ per month for a cell phone. The functionality of the iPod touch is awesome, especially if you live in an area saturated with wifi. No extra charges, unless you want to pay for apps.

  2. I just received 2 iPod Touches for my Pre-K classroom through a local grant….I think it will be a great learning tool!

  3. I just got a nice new piece of luggage for $20 at Garden Ridge, of all places. I had been looking for a new pilot case sort of thing and hadn’t been finding anything that was the right size and inexpensive enough. I’m sure it isn’t the greatest quality (thought it seems very nice before it has been used!) but considering that our last cases in the same price range have lasted us, um, 15 years? I’m willing to take the chance!

  4. I love my iPhone, but I don’t want to pay the extra monthly charges for my kiddos. They keep begging for iPod touches (their grandparents have them, and some of their friends), so I keep watching for sales. We have a deal if they drop to under $100 they get them for their birthdays. I think I’m safe. 🙂

    My area isn’t saturated with wifi, and I wanted to have 1 thing to carry, rather than always having to carry phone, camera, iPod, and GPS, so the iPhone was the best choice for me. My purse is much lighter now! 🙂

  5. I opted for the touch to save the data plan…720 over a 2 year contract…all I do is read books and play games…most of the time I don’t need wifi! Hubby has the iphone for GPS apps and things that he needs for work…

  6. i’m just here for the Gap polo’s on the cheap! thanks!

  7. Have to chime in here, too, and say I LOVE my iPod touch. Probably the best techy thing I’ve ever bought. It’s just the one-time investment, not a monthly contract like the phone (I hardly ever use my cell phone). I can pick up WiFi in all sorts of places. Keeps my kid entertained at restaurants, playing games. You can get Kindle books on it. Plus, the music and podcasts, of course. For me, it was money well-spent.

  8. We made our old iPhone into a touch. Just cancelled the telphone and data plan and now use wifi. Nice to have it as a backup if my new iPhone needs repairs.

  9. I lost my winter coat. It was old (at least 15 years old), but it was a Lands End, and they last forever. Daughter reminds me that I can replace it at the nearby outlet mall – or do I want to search out a discount code and buy a new one online? Oh, the decision!

  10. Daisy, if you can make your coat last 15 years, you are entitled to one at full price! 🙂

  11. These have got to be the most random comments ever…

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