Warm and cuddly next winter

By Mir
April 18, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

They say the early bird gets the worm, and the bargain shopper is always ready for the next season (or three). I mean, I’m sure someone says that.

Sure, right now all you want is shorts and t-shirts while you dream of icy drinks with little umbrellas in them (oh wait, that’s me…) but winter will be back before you know it. And when it is, won’t you feel smart when you whip out this two pack of cuddly wraps you grabbed at Amazon for just $6.19? (Only the red are available at this price.) Sure, it doesn’t say Snuggie on them, nor are you likely to need them any time soon, but at just over $3 apiece, once the cold winds are blowing again, you’ll be glad you planned ahead.

They ship for free with Prime, or pick up a bunch to get free Super Saver Shipping and make it a Very Imitation Snuggie Christmas next year. Or something.


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