How does your garden grow?

By Mir
April 19, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

My garden grows with things I sprouted myself from seeds, or with things I bought at a deep discount so that I won’t have to be too sad when I accidentally kill them. Ahem.

Right now you can shop Spring Hill Nursery and save $25 on your $50+ purchase through that link, or—if you’re buying less—go ahead and apply coupon code 414217 to take $20 off your $20+ order.

Both promotions can each be used only once per household, so plan and shop accordingly. They’ve got plenty of deals going, too, so there’s no shortage of ways to maximize the savings.

Happy planting!


  1. wait…..$20 off of $20+? So I could buy $21 worth of stuff for $1?!

  2. FYI – the discount does not apply to shipping. For instance, you can get $20 worth of stuff for the cost of shipping ($7.95, etc).

  3. This is great. Thanks. Now, let’s hope I don’t kill them. 😉

  4. Woohoo! What? Real cranesbills? And a bargain bag??? How exciting! (Oh God, did I type that? how awfully gardengeek. *ahem*) Seriously, I’ve been looking for this type of geranium forfreakingever with no luck. Bargain bag for 29.99 w/the 20.00 off code…9 plants for 19.99. I’ve gotten stuff from them before and have been quite pleased, btw. But I never dreamed they’d have *cranesbills*…
    thanks! leslie

  5. I just planted seeds for tomatoes and herbs. I hope they’re big enough by memorial day, when I can finally plant them outdoors.

  6. Argh! I was trying to decide what to buy with the $20 code and waited too long. Apparently, it’s expired.

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