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By Mir
April 20, 2010

Oh, as much as I wish my daughter would happily dress in those Hanna dresses she used to love for the rest of her life please stop growing up right now young lady, I have come to accept that she’d much, much rather go drool on the clothing at Justice, these days. Hmph.

Thank goodness they keep pushing out those 40% off codes; through May 10th, use code 773 and pay just 60% of the they-want-how-much? price for tween bliss.

And as much as I love to give Justice a hard time, sometimes, I have to confess that they have the biggest assortment of tankinis and one-piece bathing suits (read: non-hoochie options) for girls I’ve seen this season. With the 40% off code they’re not too expensive, either.


  1. My daughter is SEVEN, and her style is definitely more Justice than Hanna.


  2. Mine only wore Hannas until she was about 7 as well. Then they just weren’t trendy/cool enough.

    I saved them in a keepsake box, in tissue paper. Someday I’ll have a grandchild!

  3. Have you seen Boden’s new “Johnnie B” line? Great for our tweeners — somewhere between Justice (too cheap & veers hoochie mama) and Hanna (precious but they’ll laugh you off the playground). Also, 77kids from American Eagle — cute and decent quality, too.

  4. Code didn’t work for me. Sorry. Thanks anyway.

    Make sure you’re putting the coupon code in the right box—there’s also a “membership number” box and if you put it in there it won’t work. Code is definitely active, though. —Mir

  5. Just wait… Aeropostal and American are in your future 🙁

  6. Land’s End has a new line, too, called “Canvas.” It’s pretty classic, with sizes more geared to older kids. Looks like a decent alternative to Aero and Abercrombie. I haven’t personally ordered any for my girl yet. Her style tends towards Anthropologie, J.Crew and Urban Outfitters now. *groan*

  7. Thanks, Mir for staying on top of cool “tween” clothes. Seriously, daughter and I perused the store the other day and I could not bring myself to buy anything for her there because it just wasn’t a good enough price. But with this coupon code, I will be awesome mom again.
    Now, how do I get it out of my daughter’s head that just because white pants are cool, they won’t stay white?

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