It’s Hanna time

By Mir
April 20, 2010

Twice a year, Hanna Andersson has a big sale and a free shipping offer, and twice a year I have to pry myself off the computer to avoid ordering one of everything. True story.

It’s happening right now—nearly everything is 20% off, and if you order $100+ worth (sadly, not that hard, even at sale prices), your order will ship for free. The sale only goes through the end of the week, so now’s the time to shop.

It almost makes me long for the old days, when my daughter and I would wear matching Hanna dresses for Mother’s Day like the dorks we are. (We’re still dorks, but we no longer dress alike because that would be terribly embarrassing, Mom, geez.)


  1. Love their cotton pj’s. Might have to splurge on some short johns for the summer

  2. Their “gud” price dresses are my 5 year old’s uniform for this summer.

    I love those clothes– and they hold up so well. I am always able to pass them on to friends and they look almost as good as new.

  3. Costco had a few Hannah dresses and Boy’s set the other day! I was shocked and sad because my child is a giant. Nothing is “cute” once you hit a certain size.

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