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By Mir
April 21, 2010
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Happy Wednesday! Today’s a good day to shop at the History Channel Store, because there’s one-day-only savings fit for only the geekiest of history nuts. (And when it comes to geeky, I don’t want to brag, but I do believe Want Not attracts some of the very finest from the pocket-protector set, am I right?)

It’s the day-before-Earth-Day savings, all day today, and it’s simple: Just use coupon code EARLYEARTH and save 20% on anything, all day. That means that documentary you’ve been itching to own can be yours for less, my friend.

Stay nerdy.


  1. MY pocket protector, or as I like to refer to it: my Super Duper Extra Cool Multi-Use Toolbelt XL v3.5 (What? you dont have a pet name for yours?), gets Over the Air HDTV, is a WiFi Hotspot, has room for a Swiss Army knife, a TI-89, a Slide rule, and my Pet Tribble. It can project a personal shield (a-la DUNE…), a DHD activation remote (a la SG1), and a communicator.

  2. Does that mean you finally get to order “Ice Road Truckers” Mir?

  3. omg my husband (a history teacher natch) LOVES ice road truckers. and Ax men.

  4. Now Frank had me reminiscing about some high-school project I ended up sewing a bunch of tribbles for (out of the scrap material from the fuzzy interior of my dad’s groovy van).

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