So soft, they named it that

By Mir
April 22, 2010

Here’s another Earth Day sale for you, though this one is near and dear to my heart.

Soft Clothing makes soft, cotton clothes for kids. Big deal, right? Except that it sort of is—all of their clothes are free of scratchy seams, crunchy materials, and the tight elastic that some kids with sensory issues just can’t tolerate. I first encountered Soft when reviewing them for Cool Mom Picks, and they sent me a shirt for my son to try. He promptly wore it every single time it came out of the washer/dryer, telling me it was the “best shirt in the world” and “better than pajamas.” Which is a very big deal when you’re talking about a kid that once told me that his belt was, you know, trying to suffocate him.

Their regular prices are totally doable, if a bit more than we generally see on the big sales ’round here. But if you have a “sensory kid” you’ll want to check ’em out… and when better than today, when they’re offering an Earth Day special where shipping is absolutely free, today only. Just use coupon code softearth at checkout.

I pink puffy heart this company. They would never try to suffocate you with a belt.


  1. If only they made clothes for adults. Neither of my boys have sensory issues with clothes, but *I* do.

  2. I was just looking at their FAQ and they said they’re planning on expanding to adults and other groups, so maybe soon 🙂

    Very neat – the girl’s party dress is great!

  3. Me too, I screamed, “Get it off, get if off” while trying on wedding dresses. I think my mom had a flashback 😉

  4. Wish they had more things, they look nice.

  5. Hee, Kristin, I still have flashbacks to the hideously crunchy crinolines under skirts I had to wear when I was about 4. Turned me off dresses to this very day!

  6. Other adults with issues! I’m pretty happy with Eddie Bauer and Lands End for soft clothes, even bras. I’m still having issues with waistbands. I put on one lacy wedding dress and thought I’d die too! And keep lace off my damn bra! (sorry, honey) Do any of you have other suggestions for adult clothes?

  7. LOL!!! My son said his belt was choking him and gets too tight. I burst out laughing when I read that!!

    All kidding aside “SENSORY ISSUES”???!!
    I never knew they came up with a name for it… My mom just said I was a whiner.

    I have a super soft fav t-shirt I got at, of all places the Miami Dade Zoo… The only problem with said shirt… You can see every detail of my bra through it because the material is so clingy. So I only wear it at home.

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