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By Mir
April 26, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I know I never talk about my love of GPS units here…

…. ahahahaaaaaa! I crack myself up!

(But, really, now: I went into Atlanta to meet a friend this weekend. And I don’t know if you’re familiar with Atlanta, but all of the streets are at funny angles to each other, all of the intersections are at least five streets converging, and half of the streets are named “Peachtree.” Without my GPS I’d still be there, driving in circles. And probably sobbing.)

Today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal is the TomTom XL 340S for just $90 shipped. It’s text-to-speech (i.e., it speaks street names) and is just about guaranteed to get you out of Atlanta alive.

In fact, I wonder why they don’t put that on the box. It should totally be their slogan: “Guaranteed to get you out of Atlanta alive!” (I’m awesome at this, no? TomTom, call me!)


  1. Now you’re making me picture some dramatic and tragic news story of a woman stranded in her car, lost for days, dying of exposure . . in the middle of downtown Atlanta.

  2. Not that it’s ever ACTUALLY happened, to my knowledge. 😉

  3. Ooooh – I’ve been looking for a GPS! Thanks Mir!

  4. I absolutely love my GPS! Sure, I can print out directions from location to location when I travel to Denver for the day, as I did last time I did it, but this time will be SO much better now that I know how to set my route, interrupt it for a lunch detour, etc. I think Denver will go much better with a GPS too!

  5. My husband needed a new GPS! I think he’s going to like this one. Coincidentally, he needed a new bluetooth headset, he recently lost his, and the current lightning deal was a Jawbone, so he got both! You made my husband very happy today! Thanks Mir!

  6. Mir: Hate to tell you this, but you missed a few Peachtrees in your count. Not 1/2 of the streets 7/8 of the streets in DT Atlanta are named Peachtree. They have a great Metro system, might be easier ???

  7. I live in the Atlanta area too and you just crack me up with your stories like that. It is so true. But, what always makes me feel better, is that so long as I am in Atlanta, no matter how lost I get, if I just pick a direction and stick with it, eventually I will find 285 and you can get out!

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