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By Mir
April 28, 2010
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Don’t forget—you have until just before midnight tonight to enter to win your favorite Best of Fest gift set, DVDs of the best films you’ve never seen. I not only love this concept, I love that they’ve gone ahead and grouped them together for you by theme, too. What’s not to love about a company that went out and compiled the best films for dog lovers right alongside the best romance films? Nothing, that’s what.

As always, please be sure to leave your entry on the contest post to be part of the fun. Comments on this post shall be reserved for discussion of chocolate. Like, I had lunch with an old friend last weekend and she reminded me that she’s allergic to chocolate and I felt so sorry for her I fear she thought I was a little nutty. But but but… life without chocolate?? What a terrible thought.


  1. My sons’ best friend is allergic to chocolate also. I feel so bad for him, and when I go shopping for snacks, I always try to remember to buy him something non-chocolaty. Sometimes I remember, sometimes I don’t, but I always feel a little twinge when I give them treats and he says “Sorry mom, but you know I’m allergic to chocolate”.(Even when I am have something special for him)

  2. I’m still cleaning the drool off my keyboard from the Ghirardelli chocolate post of yesterday.

  3. i had a childhood friend who was allergic to chocolate. i felt bad for him…so bad, in fact, that YEARS LATER, when wendy’s came out with a vanilla frosty, i celebrated inside my head for him. because, FROSTIES! yet i had not had contact with him for probably 4 years at that point.

  4. I had a high school teacher who had a chocolate allergy, which I thought was the saddest thing. Then I had a friend allergic to a couple things in pizza, and I couldn’t figure out which was worse…no pizza or no chocolate?

  5. a college house mate was allergic, and some unknowing relative gave him one of those mongo 5lb hershey’s bars for a grad present. our other roomie and I had a tear of thankfulness in our eye! I’ll never forget it’s vastness.

  6. I knew someone who actually did NOT like chocolate! I thought she was a complete weirdo freak, until I remembered that I think all forms of coffee are vile and most folk might think the same about me. 😉

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