I’d like to buy a vowel

By Mir
May 3, 2010

Big wooden letters are back in the Deal of the Day at The Company Store; choose from leopard print, ponies, fairies, pirates, trucks, and dinosaurs. True, not all letters are available, but perhaps you can cobble together what you need. Regular price is $10 apiece and today they’re just $2/each.

I love the idea of spelling things on the walls of the kids’ rooms. I mean, names are great and all, of course, but I wonder if I can find all I need to spell “Put your laundry in the hamper.” Gotta go look….


  1. It is amusing to me how they can’t do math. Regular price: $10. Sale price: $1.99. And yet? They are listed at 75% off. Even if we ignore the penny and pretend these are $2…


    I’m pretty sure that’s still 80% off.

  2. awesome deal! now to get creative and think of words for the playroom that don’t involve the letter A….. 🙂

  3. Liv, How about “Den of Fun” or “Fun Room” or “Get out of my Kitchen, NOW! Room”??????

  4. i’m all over the last one, patricia!

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