Neato Keen

By Mir
May 3, 2010

I wasn’t going to look at today—after all, I’m not really in need of shoes, and I figure a day off here and there is a good idea—but somehow I ended up on their landing page, only to discover that they have Keens on sale today.

Keen are hardly ever on sale, y’all. It’s not my fault. I mean, it’s like a sign, or something.

Stop looking at me like that.


  1. I need some standard kids H2 sandals, but they do not seem to have youth sizes in stock. Do you happen to know when REI has their big Keen sale? I think it is May, but not sure.

  2. I say this with all due respect, Mir, but you are an evil woman. I shall curse your name every time I’m wearing my cute new orange Keen mary janes.

  3. What I want to know is are there any rainboots on sale over there? Or perhaps an ark? Heading over to see…..

  4. Oh, I do love me some Keen’s! Unfortunately (or, actually, maybe fortunately, depending on how I view my banking account!) they seem to be out of my size in almost everything.

  5. Keens are my husband’s favorite shoe ever ever ever. Thank you for the tip!

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