Winner of the California Blooms contest

By Mir
May 3, 2010
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This weekend I offered y’all a chance to win a dozen eco-friendly roses from California Blooms in time for Mother’s Day, and this was such an exciting offer, even my own mother entered. (I feel a little bad that she didn’t win, now….)

Anyway, as I told someone after the last contest, the random number generator is a fickle mistress, but I do whatever she says. And this time, she says that our lucky winner is commenter 148, Rebecca. Congratulations, Rebecca—you’ve chosen to receive a dozen lavender (lovely!) roses, and you should check your email so that we can coordinate the details.

Big thanks to all who played, and special thanks for the generosity of California Blooms and their helpers at Townsend Olmstead Media Co. for hooking us up.

Feeling sad about missing this one? Don’t fret! There’s another contest coming up in just another hour or two, and this one is also sure to be a mom-pleaser. In fact, it may make Mom (or you) feel particularly well-dressed, if you catch my drift. Stick around!


  1. *sniff* That’s all right, honey. *sniff* I didn’t _really_ need those flowers. 😉

  2. Too funny, “Mom!”

    Now I’m stuck racking my brains trying to think what to do for my mom for Mother’s Day . . she may be stuck with just a card this year, phooey.

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