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By Mir
May 4, 2010
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Hey all… sorry for the delay on this, but we ran into some technical difficulties and I didn’t want to post the contest until we were sorted out. And now we are!

So here it is: If you haven’t visited Shabby Apple yet, prepare to drool. They carry all sorts of dresses, from retro to modern, from casual to dressy stunners. I only want, oh, one of each. Heh. And while it won’t be in time for Mother’s Day, one lucky Want Not reader will be receiving a Shabby Apple dress at the end of this contest!

There are two choices (the same dress in two colors); you can be Pretty in Pink, or Barefoot in the Park. While I find myself very attracted to a lot of the retro-glam styles at Shabby Apple, what I love about this particular dress is that it’s perfect for just about anything in the warmer weather. Throw on flip flops or sneakers and run after the kids in casual comfort, or put on some nice jewelry and a platform sandal and suddenly you’re ready for a meal that doesn’t involve cutting up anyone else’s food. Either way, my guess is that you’ll find yourself reaching for this one again and again. (True story: I just bought a dress that looks almost exactly like this, although mine is orange. I joked to my husband that it feels like wearing my pajamas, and so is a clever disguise on days I’m required to actually get dressed.)

So… want to win it? Of course you do! To enter this contest, first go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave me a comment telling me which color dress you want by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Friday, May 7th, 2010. (I’m extending our usual deadline because of the late start.) Winner to be determined by random number generation and flounciness.

Ready? Go!


  1. Barefoot in the Park. Must. Not. Spend. Time. Shopping. Now!

  2. Barefoot in the Park, of course! 🙂 Yay for contests!

  3. Probably blue!

  4. I love being barefoot in the park, and wearing a dress that feels like pajamas!

  5. I do visit Shabby Appple every once in a while, and I just stare, and click, and stare. Haven’t yet pulled the trigger.

    If I could get their website to load I’d tell you which color I like better, but since I can’t get it to load I’ll just pick one. “Barefoot in the Park.”

  6. Barefoot in the park is the only choice for me! Great site. Gotta shop!

  7. So fun! I’ll be Barefoot in the Park, too!

  8. OOOHHHH!!!! SOOOOO CUTE!! Barefoot in the park please!!

  9. Wearing a dress would be a nice change from stay at home mom clothes! “Barefoot in the Park” seems to be the popular choice so we’ll go with that!

  10. I’m not normally a dress person but this one I think I’d wear, especially in that gorgeous “Barefoot in the Park” blue! Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  11. Pretty in Pink, please!

  12. Barefoot in the park! Even though I am not crazy about pink, I seem to have accumulated a homogeneous mess of pink summery dresses, so I have to mix it up.

  13. Barefoot in the Park, cute!

  14. Pretty in Pink! Please!

  15. Definitely Pretty in Pink – what a cute summer dress!

  16. Barefoot in the park, please. Thanks!

  17. i’d love pretty in pink!

  18. Barefoot in the Park 🙂

  19. barefoot in the park!

  20. Wow, seems everyone loves Barefoot in the Park, which is also my choice. I loved that they pictured different ways to accessorize it.

  21. i shouldn’t get excited, i shouldn’t get excited…

    pretty in pink. gosh, is it pretty.

  22. Barefoot in the Park!

  23. Pretty in Pink! Thank you!

  24. barefoot in the park, please!

  25. Barefoot in the Park is pretty dang dreamy. Wow.

  26. Barefoot in the Park for me thanks!!!

  27. Pink. The blue’s a bit too washed out for me, and the pink will go with my highlights.

  28. PINK. Definitely Pretty in Pink.

  29. Hard choice but I’d have to pick Pretty in pink.

  30. Barefoot in the park, please!

  31. I like Barefoot in the Park. And I’d never heard of Shabby Apple so I’m really enjoying browsing their site. I’m on the hunt for a good dress to wear to a June garden wedding and I think one of their dresses may be just the ticket!

  32. Love the blue Barefoot in the Park dress!

  33. 🙁 it doesn’t come in my size. where’s the plus – size stuff? *wah*

    ok, i must still enter – and my eldest daughter could wear this – she’d look pretty in pink!

  34. Pretty in pink! They’re both so cute!

  35. So pretty! I pick Pretty in Pink. (And am now singing the title track from the ’80s movie by the Psychedelic Furs. Ack!

  36. Barefoot in the park!

  37. Barefoot, please!

  38. Love that Pretty in Pink!

  39. Barefoot in the Park! I am seriously drooling over quite a few of their dresses!

  40. Definitely Barefoot in the Park. I love Shabby Apple!

  41. Barefoot in the Park!

  42. Pretty in Pink, please! 🙂

  43. Pretty in pink!

  44. Ooh, I love the Pretty in Pink!

  45. I like “Barefoot in the Park”, such a pretty shade of blue.

  46. I’m not a huge Neil Simon fan, but I’ll go with Barefoot in the Park nonetheless…

  47. I want to be pretty in pink.

  48. Barefoot in the park — my favorite thing to be!

  49. barefoot in the park, please

  50. Barefoot in the park. Thanks!

  51. Ooh, I love this dress! Barefoot in the park!! Please!!

  52. Pretty in pink! They are both cute though!

  53. Both cute, but I’d go with the blue one.

  54. Barefoot in the park is a wonderful shade of blue, so I’d choose that one. (Pink looks good on me, but I just don’t have the desire to own anything pink.)

  55. Blue!

  56. Pretty in Pink pops for me.

  57. Pretty in pink, please!

  58. Memememeeeee!!!! Pick me please!

  59. would love it! Pretty in Pink

  60. I would love to be barefoot in the park but I guess I’ll settle wearing “barefoot in the park” instead.

  61. i love the pretty in pink!!! thanks mir! 🙂

  62. I LOVE Shabby Apple!!! Pretty in Pink all the way!

  63. barefoot in the park!

  64. Barefoot in the Park for sure. I just purchased a bunch of dresses to wear this summer and one more would be delightful!

  65. Yes, totally totally drool. I’d love to be Barefoot in the Park, except I kinda prefer shoes. But I do like blue.

  66. barefoot in the park, please

  67. Pretty in Pink please.

  68. Barefoot in the park! Ooh, very pretty.

  69. Barefoot in the Park 🙂

    Thanks for the chance!

  70. Pretty in pink for the win!

  71. Barefoot in the park!

  72. Barefoot in the Park Blue, please.

  73. barefoot please!

  74. pink!

  75. pretty in pink!

  76. Pretty in Pink – very similar to the Hanna Andersson I just bought my daughter (from one of your previous posts, you’re so pretty). Might as well take the chance to dress alike before I turn all embarrassing.

  77. Barefoot in the Park please!

  78. Pretty in pink!

  79. Pretty in Pink would be wonderful!

  80. I want the Barefoot In The Park! (Which doesn’t mean I’d turn down the pink one, either. Just sayin.)

  81. Barefoot in the Park.

  82. Barefoot in the Park.

  83. Barefoot in the park, please!!!

  84. PANK!

  85. Pretty in pink is the one I prefer.

  86. Barefoot in the Park would be wonderful. Thanks!

  87. I like Barefoot in the Park.

  88. I love the blue of Barefoot in the Park!

  89. I love love love Barefoot in the Park. 🙂

  90. Barefoot for me, too–I’m afraid the pink would make me look like…like…like a large pink berry. Or something. It’s not my color at all.

    But the dress looks incredibly comfortable!

  91. Pretty in pink!!!

  92. pretty in pink, pretty please! these are really cute.

  93. Super Cute! Barefoot please!

  94. Barefoot in the park please – I’m a sucker for Neil Simon 😉

  95. Pink is my favorite color, so dress me in pink!

  96. Barefoot in the park. What a great site. Thanks!

  97. Oh Pretty in Pink Please!

  98. Barefoot in the park please! And thank you!

  99. Barefoot in the park!

  100. Love Barefoot in the Park!

  101. I love Barefoot in the park!

  102. Barefoot in the park. Definitely.

  103. I had a maternity dress like this last summer and wore it all the time – so comfy! (since I’m not pregnant this summer, I’m guessing I probably shouldn’t wear it… but I am tempted). I like Barefoot in the Park.

  104. Pretty in pink. Please pick me!

  105. It’s hard to choose, but I’ll have to say “Pretty in Pink”! So feminine! 🙂

  106. Barefoot in the park!

  107. Pretty in Pink is great!

  108. Barefoots thecway to go for me

  109. Oooh, Pretty In Pink is actually a really nice shade of pink and a good style. 🙂 I always forget about Shabby Apple. Thanks for the reminder!

  110. Barefoot in the Park. Thanks, Mir!

  111. barefoot in the park!

  112. Never heard of Shabby Apple before. Thanks!! Pretty In Pink for me. 🙂

  113. pretty in pink please….

  114. So hard to choose…but I think I’m pretty in pink! 😀

  115. Pretty in pink!

  116. Love the pretty in pink!

  117. How pretty! Barefoot in the park please.

  118. Barefoot in the park, please!

  119. Another Barefoot in the Park here!

  120. I love that site! Barefoot in the Park for me! (I own, like, one dress, so I will truly be shocked if I win 🙂

  121. Pretty in Pink, please! I’m singing next month at church and that would be perfect!

  122. Barefoot in the Park!

  123. Barefoot in the Park =)!!

  124. Barefoot in the Park is not too shabby at all.

  125. Barefoot in the Park, please. Thank you for another great contest!

  126. Barefoot in the Park! Sweet!

  127. Barefoot in the Park please

  128. Would LOVE Barefoot in the park! Adorable!

  129. HEY!!! what about us plus size girls. I dont have any teen girls either. I would love to see a giveaway for us. Thanks,

  130. Barefoot in the Park! Thanks Mir!

  131. barefoot in the park!

  132. Although I don’t really care for the dress, I know my sister would! She’d like the Pretty in Pink.

    However, lots of super-cute stuff elsewhere on the site, and once I start my new job and get some income, I’ll be picking up some dresses for the office. Bookmarking it now!

  133. I think both colors are cute, but if I had to choose, I’d pick the barefoot in the park. Its too cute!!

  134. Pretty in Pink Please!

  135. Pretty in Pink please! Looks so cute & comfy!!

  136. Barefoot in the Park please!

  137. Pretty in pink.

  138. pretty in pink, pretty please!

  139. Barefoot in the park, though I would have to wear shoes. :>) Thanks for the chance!

  140. pretty in pink for me! Thanks!

  141. I would wear either, but maybe I’d lean toward the pretty in pink. My sister-in-law literally just introduced me to shabby apple two days ago! I love their clothes. :o)

  142. barefoot in the park, please. 🙂

  143. Barefoot in the Park, for sure! Pink just isn’t really my thing.

  144. I’d love the Pretty in Pink 🙂

  145. Oh, Pretty in Pink, please! It’s just so very pretty!

  146. I loove Barefoot in the Park!

  147. Barefoot in the Park is my favorite. Thanks for the contest!

  148. Pretty in Pink! Please pick me….this momma would love a new comfy dress!

  149. Pretty in pink please! So cute! :O)

  150. Definitely Pretty in Pink for me! Thank you!

  151. I love the PRetty in Pink! Please pick me!!

  152. Barefoot in the Park is for me. Thank you

  153. Oohhh – I want barefoot in the park. so much!

  154. Barefoot in the Park, please ma’am.

  155. What a perfect summer dress!!!!! Barefoot in the park would be perfect 🙂

  156. Barefoot in the Park please

  157. Pink for me please! Thanks!

  158. Barefoot in the Park!! I love acting like I actually got ready for the day!

  159. I’d love the Pretty in Pink!

  160. I’d go with Pretty in Pink, but both are pretty!

  161. Barefoot in the park – especially b/c the pic shows it with wicked cool boots!

  162. hard to decide, but i’ll go for pretty in pink. and now to check out the rest of the site…

  163. Barefoot In The Park please.

  164. Erm . . guess I’ll go with the “barefoot in the park” one.

  165. Barefoot in the Park 🙂

  166. Pretty in pink! Love it. Thanks!

  167. Barefoot in the Park please!

  168. Just what I’ve been looking for! Pretty in Pink! I am gonna be so cute! Thanks!

  169. Barefoot in the Park! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  170. I usually go with neutral colors, but I LOVE the pretty in pink! 🙂

  171. Pretty in pink!

  172. Barefoot in the Park.

  173. Barefoot in the Park! I’m always on the lookout for clothes that feel like pajamas, those are the best 🙂

  174. Blue please! I would really like a new summer dress. Fingers crossed.

  175. Barefoot in the park!! Thanks for the giveaway…

  176. Pretty in Pink for me please!

  177. Barefoot in the Park. And I am fully prepared to flounce.

  178. Barefoot in the Park. Thanks Mir!

  179. Pretty in pink is lovely, thank you!

  180. Barefoot in the Park. So cute!

  181. I love shabby apple (and esp shabby baby for my little girl)! I would love to try it for me and be “pretty in pink” thanks!

  182. Looks so comfortable. I’ll go for the pink!

  183. Barefoot in the park!

  184. Oooh, I’m pregnant, and these look so comfy! Barefoot in the park!

  185. Barefoot in the Park!!! (if only because the name alone would make me feel instantly comfy, like I was cheating or something…)

    Thanks, Mir!

  186. General flounciness? Oh, I’m there. I think blue.

  187. I looove Shabby Apple and purchased my last going-to-weddings-all-summer dress there. Pretty In Pink is what I would prefer!

  188. Pretty in Pink!
    Now, I must go figure out where to sell plasma so I can buy “Carousel” with out feeling guilty. Dang, that is pretty!

  189. Barefoot in the Park for me please!

  190. I would like to win the blue one for my sister-in-law who has lost everything in the Nashville flood.

  191. Pretty in Pink PLEASE!!!!

  192. Barefoot in the park because I don’t like shoes.

  193. very nice site!
    Love the pretty in pink

  194. What an awesome store! I’d love to have Pretty in Pink!

  195. Pretty in Pink just caught my eye. Plus, I could match my 3 year old, which would be “AWESOME”! 🙂

  196. Barefoot in the Park please!

  197. I’m going with barefoot in the park! And I am loving a lot of their stuff…. I hope they have a coupon as a consolation to those of us who don’t win!

  198. I love Barefoot in the Park! I could match Cinderella when we go to Disney this summer 🙂

  199. Barefoot in the Park in pajamas, please.

  200. What a cute dress!! Definitely Barefoot in the Park.

  201. I’d love barefoot in the park.

  202. Pretty in pink!

  203. perfect dress for a mommy!! if i don’t win, i might just buy one! barefoot in the park.

  204. Barefoot in the Park for sure!

  205. Pretty in Pink, please:)

    Come on, Mommy needs a cute new dress(as she speaks softly to the random number generator:))

  206. Barefoot in the Park please!!!!

  207. Ooh! Love Barefoot in the Park! Really hoping I win this one….!

  208. I would love to flounce Barefoot in the Park!

  209. Barefoot in the Park please

  210. Barefoot in the Park. Being a redhead, I’ve never been able to wear pink, even though I love it!

  211. The adorableness is off the chart on these clothes! Love them both but can see me working the blue. Thanks, Mir!

  212. Pretty in pink, por favor!

  213. Barefoot in the Park, please! They’re both gorgeous. 🙂

  214. Pink, please!

  215. Perfectly Pretty In Pink Please! 😉

  216. what a great contest… I’d like blue please!

  217. Barefoot in the Park

  218. Love Shappy Apple!! would adore the Pretty In Pink Dress!!!

  219. barefoot in the park, thanks Mir!

  220. Love barefoot in the park! Pretty sure it will look fabulous with my blue eyes 🙂

  221. Love the pretty in pink!

  222. Pretty in Pink, please!

  223. barefoot i the park is for me!

  224. Barefoot in the Park!

  225. Barefoot in the Park looks like a great color!

  226. Pretty in Pink, pretty please!

  227. holy smokes, this is cute!
    barefoot in the park.

  228. Barefoot in the park!

  229. Barefoot in the park, please. Hopefully.

  230. Pretty in Pink please.

  231. Blue!

  232. Barefoot in the Park please!

  233. Neither of these come in my size, but maybe my daughter could wear Barefoot in the Park.

    Thanks, Mir!

  234. Barefoot in the Park– thanks!

  235. Pretty in Pink

  236. Barefoot in the Park, please.

  237. I love the Pretty in Pink. More like, Gorgeous in Pink. Love.

  238. Barefoot in the Park! So pretty!

  239. Loving barefoot in the park!

  240. Barefoot in the Park!

  241. I Love a cute dress in summer.

  242. barefoot in the park, puhlease!

  243. Barefoot in the Park! SO pretty!!!!

  244. Oooohhhh…the Barefoot in the Park blue, please!

  245. Barefoot in the park.

  246. I’d never heard of this site. Very Nice!!! I like pretty in Pink!

  247. Barefoot in the Park is so cute!

  248. Pretty in pink!

  249. barefoot in the park!

  250. pretty in pink!
    *she said, with a flounce*

  251. Ooh, I love Barefoot in the Park!

  252. Pretty in Pink… and shiny!

  253. Barefoot in the park is awesome! And so are you!

  254. C’mon Random Number Generator…I’d love the Barefoot in the Park.

  255. Oh how I would love barefoot in the park!
    Thanks for turning me on to a great site!

  256. *sings* Pretty in pink…isn’t she?

    And isn’t Mir?

  257. barefoot in the park! flounce, flounce, flounce.

  258. Pretty in pink please:)

  259. Ooooh…Pretty In Pink!

  260. I’m just waiting here “barefoot in the park”!

  261. Barefoot in the park, please!

  262. Barefoot in bed- oops! I mean, barefoot in the park. (You said pajamas, right?) this looks like a great summer running around dress.

  263. Pretty in Pink. Oh so so pretty. (Don’t we like pretty?)

  264. Pretty in pink.

  265. Barefoot in the Park. Can I have her cowboy boots, too? 🙂

  266. Barefoot in the Park!

  267. Pretty in Pink

  268. Pretty in Pink Please 🙂

  269. So hard to choose – but I’ll go with pretty in pink, pretty please : )

  270. Ohhhh, Barefoot in the Park please – I tend to forget about Shabby Apple, but they have so many beautiful things!

  271. They’re both so pretty, but Barefoot in the Park looks perfect for me. Thanks!!!

  272. Barefoot in the Park

  273. Ooh, Barefoot in the Park, please!

  274. Ooo, love the Pretty in Pink!!

  275. Barefoot in the Park!!!

  276. Barefoot in the Park would be perfect. =)

  277. I love Pink – so Pretty in Pink it is.

  278. While I love blue, that color looks awful on me, so Pretty in Pink it is!

  279. Pretty in Pink!

  280. Too many to choose! But I love the Bette D dress.

  281. Hmm. Pretty in Pink I think!

  282. decisions, decisions. gotta go with the . . . um, pink.
    a very pretty dress and a very pretty contest, thanks Mir.

  283. What a cute dress! Barefoot in the park for me.

    Also cute? Your dog!

  284. barefoot in the park

  285. Barefoot in the park! 🙂 Oh Shabby Apple looooooooooooove. 🙂

  286. Pretty in Pink! THanks

  287. Barefoot is Beautiful!! Thank you

  288. Barefoot in the park! Thank you Pretty Girl!

  289. I love them both, but the pink one would be my choice. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  290. Barefoot in the park!

  291. Choices, choices, choices. I choose Barefoot in the Park since I don’t have many blue items in my closet. There may be a reason for this but even if the color does not look good, I will still be comfy. Thanks for the chance!

  292. Barefoot in the Park – I’m a sucker for blue!

  293. Oh la la, what a choice. Barefoot in the park, please.

  294. I want to be Barefoot in the Park! This would be so fun.

  295. pink, of course!

  296. Barefoot in the park is more my style. Thanks!

  297. Ooh, pretty in pink!

  298. Barefoot in the Park (although, I like both!)

  299. Barefoot in the Park please!

  300. I wanna be pretty in pink!

  301. Barefoot!

  302. The pretty in pink dress is gorgeous!

  303. Pretty in Pink, please.

  304. WaHoooooo!!!

    I love winning things :)!! And that little dress is just the ticket for me needing a new summer dress. AWESOME!

    One Pretty In Pink adorable little dress. Perfect.

    Thanks Mir!!

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