Gone pickin’

By Mir
May 7, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Today I am unreasonably excited, because I’m finally going strawberry picking. (Sometimes the best bargain is less important than gorging yourself on fresh fruit. True wisdom!) Before I go, though, let’s see what delights we can find….

The Amazon Friday Sale is still limping along; you can buy tea, coffee, or toys. Because… I have no idea. All I know is that if you have a gadget nerd, this Erector Spykee Vox is kind of a nifty robot project for under $100.

Moving on…. the Target Daily Deals have a cute little black dress, some penguin towels, and an exclusive Harry Potter DVD. Don’t forget coupon code 2ROZVVHX for an additional 10% off, too!

I think the Conair hot stones thingie in today’s Graveyard Mall deals is a pretty good bargain if you’re looking for one, but I love how one of the other deals is a—wait for it—combination cheese grater/wine opener/pepper grinder. Because who’s not in the market for one of those? Ha!

6pm.com‘s got Stride Rites for under $20, so while you’re picking up some discounted Naots for yourself, you can pretend you’re shopping for the kids. Awesome.

Been to the Plow & Hearth Outlet lately? Take an additional 30% off for a limited time with coupon code STOCK. Just sayin’.

We’ll see what turns up later, after I’ve had the chance to eat my weight in strawberries. (Oooh, wait. Fresh daiquiris here later? I think yes.)


  1. Fresh daiquiris sound delicious! Have fun!

  2. Strawberry picking is oh soooo good. They have tools for plucking out the core, but my advice is to get a good strong straw (Sonic and McDonalds-perish the thought unless you have had a tooth/4 wheeler accident-make the strongest). Plunge out the core, cut up if you desire and serve alone or dipped in confectioner’s sugar. That strong straw (that you got for free) works sooo good.

  3. It’s so ridiculously cold here that I couldn’t even go for a daquiri. I made hot cocoa – with a few other, er, strengthening agents. I’ll sleep well tonight!

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