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By Mir
May 8, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Goooood morning! Why yes, I do strangely resemble a strawberry this morning. I have no idea why that is. Please ignore the red stains under my fingernails, and also the sugar coma into which I am rapidly descending.

What can you do today while I go detox? I have a few ideas….

The Amazon Gold Box has deals on DVD sets of your favorite TV shows from the 60s and 70s. I’m thinking Father’s Day. But if you’re in the market for a KitchenAid mixer (don’t make me bust out my loving stand mixer haikus, people—it won’t be pretty), today’s a great day to get one: Amazon has the Artisan 5-quart KitchenAids in black and red marked down to just $200, and there’s a mail-in rebate available to get a free food grinder or slicer/shredded attachment, too. Sweet. has a slew of deals, including big savings on Mootsies Tootsies, which are fun to wear as well as fun to say. (“Oh, these? They’re Mootsies Tootsies.”)

Take 25% off any item of your choosing at the Disney Store with coupon code MOM25, this weekend only.

Okay, I have to scoot for a bit… will be back with a contest winner, another chance to win, and more deals later this afternoon. In the meantime, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. (And here, please have some strawberries.)


  1. Your first paragraph brought back memories of one of my favorite movies-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original). Blueberries, strawberries, snozzberries-all the same. Violet you are turning violet though sounds better than Mir you are turning red.

  2. Ok, have that pissed off giggle going on. I bought the Empire Red mixer on 3/31 for $270. DANG DANG DANG! 🙁

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