Burt me baby one more time

By Mir
May 10, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Okay; you’ve had two previous chances to pick up Burt’s Bees gift packs in the Target Daily Deals to use as teacher gifts or whatever gifts, and both previous times there have been wails of “Oh no, sold out!” later in the day. So I’m telling you first thing today that there’s a Burt’s Bees “favorite things” gift pack available today for just $10. (The top level page is looking a little wonky; it may say $19.99 still, but if you click through, it’s just $9.99.)

Get ’em while the getting’s good. I think coupon code 2ROZVVHX is still working for an extra 10% off, too. Don’t wait until later—this one will be gone before lunch, I’m guessing.


  1. already sold out.

  2. I ordered them the LAST time they were offered…and still haven’t received them. Apparently, a very hot item!

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