Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you draw?

By Mir
May 15, 2010
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Today’s contest goes out to every parent who’s ever had to read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” or “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” umpty-gazillion times to a child. When I close my eyes and remember my kids as little bitty things, all I hear is my son shrieking in delight: “But he wa’ ‘TILL HUNGEE!” Heh. (If none of that makes any sense to you, count your blessings.)

Anyway. The World of Eric Carle has teamed up with the folks over at Canson, and together they’ve created a new line of Eric Carle-themed art supplies for kids; it’s the same high-quality papers they’ve always made, but with two important adjustments. First, the Eric Carle illustrations naturally appeal to and delight little ones, and second, these are part of their new Eco Series, so these products are produced using less energy, recycled materials, etc.

Today I’m giving away an assortment of these new Canson products. The winner of this contest will receive: A Brown Bear, Brown Bear Lil’ Sketch Pad; a The Very Lonely Firefly Marker Pad; a The Very Quiet Cricket Sketch Pad; a Brown Bear, Brown Bear Tracing Pad; a The Very Hungry Caterpillar Drawing Pad; and finally, a The Mixed-Up Chameleon Colored Paper Pad. It’s enough to keep your little artist occupied for quite some time, I should think.

Want to win ’em? First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, May 17th, 2010 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number drawing and ability to eat through board books. But probably just the random number thing.

Ready? Go!


  1. OOOOHHHHHH! I have been to the Eric Carle Museum….I NEED THIS! 🙂

  2. Would love these for my art-loving 3 year old!

  3. We actually had a babysitter for my 2.5 year old last night and she told us when we returned that if she ever had to read another Eric Carlisle book again, it’d be too soon. 🙂 We’re fans.

  4. Ahaha, I just read Brown Bear four times in a row to my toddler. I would love these for him!

  5. My little girl would love this.

  6. yes please our artsy girls would love this!

  7. oh dood, we love art supplies! my two girls are crazy crafty and go through this stuff like water!

  8. yes, please!
    those books are childhood staples – and I’m sure the art supplies are fabulous!

  9. My children would love these!

  10. this would be fantastic!! I have just the artist in mind.

  11. Wow- my kids would LOVE that. Just in time for summer.

  12. I love Eric Carle

  13. Cool!

  14. I can’t eat through board books, but I’m pretty sure my 18 month old does! And his big brother would LOVE the fun art projects.

  15. My 7 year old is a budding artist, he would LOVE to win this! Thanks for such a great contest!

  16. Brown Bear, Panda Bear, Polar Bear, Rooster, Hermit Crab….you name it, we’ve read it. And read it, and read it. Some art supplies would be a welcome change.

  17. The art supplies sound great.

    (FYI – the link to contest rules and regulations is broken.)

  18. My son would love this!

  19. I would give these to my mom for her tutoring students. Awesome.

  20. I didn’t realize there were Eric Carle art supplies. Very cool.

  21. My daughter would CRAZY love this.

  22. Awesome!

  23. I have an Eric Carle-loving wannabe artist for a daughter. Pick us please!

  24. Lovely idea!

  25. yay!

  26. This is very cool!

  27. Great Contest!

  28. I am SO sick of those books, but my almost-3 year old would love the art supplies!

  29. My kiddies would love this!!

  30. We’re HUGE Eric Carle fans here. =)

  31. I’ve read these books a million times to my son and yet we both still LOVE them.

  32. Art supplies are always great!

  33. This would be PERFECT for my almost-three-year-old!!! Great giveaway!

  34. Lovely idea for an art set!

  35. I have a little one who can gnaw through a board book like nobody’s business. And she loves “ca-pi-waw” too! Thanks for the chance!

  36. I see a flamingo fluting at me.

  37. My daughter is obsessed with his books. Great contest!

  38. We are huge Eric Carle fans here…choose me please! My 4 and 2 year old will be thrilled.

  39. I have a little budding artist who would love these!

  40. Just in time for summer!

  41. My girls would love this!

  42. This brings back a lot of memories. My kids are way past this stage but those were fun times. My little nephew is just getting there, though…

  43. Love Eric Carle!!!! I got an error message when I tried to go to the rules page.

  44. OH! I love those books! And my kids love to draw! PLEASE, random number thingy, PICK ME! (I’ll even eat a board book if that’s what it takes!)

  45. I actually loved the Brown Bear book and its sequels. And I took one of my kids to a Bill Martin Jr. reading and he was lovely.

  46. Since I can practically recite the words to The Hungry Caterpillar from memory, I think I’m eligible!

  47. My nephew would devour this! (pun intended)

  48. Oooh, looks like fun!

  49. oh my goodness, my daughter would spaz… oh, who am i kidding? i’d be thrilled too!

  50. Between having a preschool age child and teaching preschoolers 40 hours a week, I know these by heart. I deserve to win darn-it!!! Please! 🙂

  51. I would love this!

  52. New art supplies sound like the thing to start off summer right! Thanks!

  53. We love Eric Carle and art. Plus the Eric Carle art museum is only a half hour or so away!!!

  54. My kids would love this!!!! And actually, both have proven to be quite successful at eating through board books….

  55. Love Eric Carle and this would keep my trio of budding artists busy this summer 🙂

  56. I have a room full of first-graders who I would like to share these with.

  57. Ooohhhhh – two kids coming up on summer vacation. I could use this…

  58. My children would adore these!

  59. We LOVE him!! I’m so glad that it’s been over 30 days since I won last!!

  60. Oooohhh sounds like such fun!

  61. Very cool! Thanks.

  62. Oh, we’d love these!!

  63. Love these!

  64. This stuff was made for my family. We’d love these!

  65. My two year old niece would love this!

  66. Caleb loves to draw & he loves “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?”! Please pick us!

  67. Awesome! My 3 year old would dig this!

  68. OH yeah. It’s all about the Hungry Caterpillar. And if it matters, my middle child could ALWAYS eat through board books. She has excellent fiber intake now. 🙂

  69. thanks for the chance!

  70. Awesome contest – enter me please. 🙂 Thanks!

  71. oo! oo! I’m obsessed with Eric Carle!

  72. I would love to give these to my niece for her birthday!

  73. We love Eric Carle books! This sounds wonderful!

  74. I would eat through a board book for this prize! We love Eric Carle over here!!

  75. I want one!

  76. “…he ate through one piece of chocolate cake, one ice cream cone, one pickle…” I know it by heart, shall I go on?

  77. My three-year-old daughter loves Eric Carle and would be SO excited!

  78. Sweet!

  79. My kids, at 6 and 8, still LOVE Eric’s books. We would love these art supplies!

  80. The first rattle I bought her was a Hungry Caterpillar!

  81. Anything that inspires small children to use their imaginations is a very good thing. My oldest child loved Eric Carle books, and I’ve just started reading them to my 10 month old. 🙂

  82. We love Eric Carle here!

  83. These would be fabulous!

  84. what an AWESOME giveaway!!!!! we devour books here..the little seed (is that the name??? i’ve read it so many times i should know) is one of our favorites!

  85. adorable

  86. My 3 year old would love this. I think we can both recite both Brown Bear and The Very Hungry Caterpillar without the books!

  87. My little artist would love this!

  88. We love Eric Carle!

  89. How adorable!!

  90. Aw yeah. Entering.

    Also, I kind of miss the old header! It looked like such a good mail/shopping day! But the new design is also awesomesauce.

  91. Awesome! We love Eric Carle!

  92. Thanks, Mir!

  93. I would love it!

  94. my sons would love this. Thanks!

  95. This would be great! Thanks!

  96. This is fantastic! (says the art teacher!)

  97. Sounds perfect to keep my sons going this summer!

  98. Ooooh we luvs us some Eric carle! Pick me!

    And sorry to say, maybe it’s the traditionalist in me or the part of me that doesn’t do well with change, but I miss the old green header complete with quote and also the lovely rusty color on woulda shoulda. I’m sure the new site designs will grow on me. At least it’s still YOU and thats what matters the most! I do love your new picture! You’re so pretty! It does you justice!

  99. I would have as much fun playing with these as the kids….

  100. Oh, too cute!

  101. This would be perfect for my boys! We love Eric Carle!!

  102. oooooooh!

  103. me!! me!! pick me!!

  104. My kids would LOOOOOOVE this!!!!!

  105. Oh, yay! I would really love this for my kiddo. He’s an arteeest.

  106. My son loves to draw and our dog loves to eat his supplies so he always needs more 🙂

  107. This would be PERFECT for entertaining my two young artists (who go through an obscene amount of paper)! Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  108. My son would love these. Pick me please!!

  109. Oooh, would love to win these!

  110. I actually got a few of the make your own book pads (on clearance at Michael’s) but I would love to gift these to my nieces!

  111. Adorable!

  112. Pick me! Fun for my 5-yr. old!!

  113. Sounds adorable!

  114. My kids would LOVE it. Also, fun new look! I guess I haven’t stopped by in a week or so, and it was a surprise.

  115. This is SO exciting! My daughter will love this!

  116. I have at least two artists that would LOVE these items! What a great idea!

  117. Hey! I teach two-year-olds, and I read Brown Bear almost every day! Pick me!

  118. This would be so much fun!

  119. Our boys would love this.

  120. We love the books. I am sure we would love this!

  121. ….we just read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear….” a couple of days ago! 🙂 We would love this giveaway around our house! 🙂 Thanks!

  122. this is awesome!!! thanks!

  123. Thank you!

  124. We love Eric Carle and my daughter loves to draw! This would make a great birthday gift!

  125. I would LOVE to have this for my little grand daughter, Caroline!!!!

  126. My 4yr old would love this. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

  127. My son would be VERY excited for these!

  128. My daughter would love these.

  129. I have a kid who would love these!

  130. Oh, those look awesome!

  131. Love him, love them, love you!

  132. My daughter would love this!

  133. I have little artists at home who would love these things!

  134. My little sketch artist would adore this stuff!

  135. Is there a child that doesn’t love these? I would love to win these for my daughter’s birthday coming up soon!

  136. we do love them so

  137. Yay! Eric Carle + art = wonderful!

  138. Would love to win this one.

  139. I’ve, um, never read that, but I’d like to!! And I’m sure my birthday boy (3) would love the artistic stuff. Cool giveaway!

  140. I was just telling my 2YO about the Very Hungry Caterpillar (while pointing to a real one eating all my garden parsley) this morning…

  141. First contest I’ve ever been moved to type my name for.

  142. My little guy would love them!

  143. we love art supplies . THanks.

  144. Big fans of Eric Carle around here AND my boys have finally started loving to draw and color. Sounds like good pre-kindergarten summer fun!

  145. These would be great for my two little guys. Thanks!

  146. I read “Brown Bear” to my daughter every night!

  147. We have all of Eric Carles’ bear books: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Polar Bear and Baby Bear, Baby Bear.

  148. My 3 year old first “memorized” book is Panda Bear, Panda Bear. Although it is so repetitive, it is fun listening to him read it to me.

  149. Eric Carle books are the coffee table booksin my house!! would be a great addition !!

  150. I see a red bird looking at me! 🙂

  151. Sounds fun!

  152. Would love these for my grand daughter.

  153. This would make a terrific birthday gift for my soon to be four year old grandson! 🙂

  154. Oh my boys would love this! What a great give-away!

  155. I see some art supplies looking at me!

  156. I can read Brown Bear in my sleep!

  157. Would totally love this and might share with the kids too!

  158. My kids have outgrown these wonderful stories unfortunately, but I have some nephews who would love these art supplies.

  159. My 2 year would LOVE this…she loves to draw and she loves Eric Carle books!!

  160. love love love Eric Carle!

  161. If I don’t win this, I’ll a) cry and b) be forced to buy all of these things because they are MUST HAVES. Please, please, please RNG! Pick me!

  162. Both my girls would love this giveaway!

  163. What a great set of supplies; we love Eric Carle.

  164. Great giveaway – hope we win – my son loves coloring.

  165. This sounds like so much fun for my 3 yr old! Thanks!

  166. My little girl is a drawing fanatic – she would love this. Pleas pick us!

  167. This is my son’s favorite author! How perfect for his upcoming birthday!

  168. OH my goodness! I LOVE this one. If I won I’d love to give it to my sister to use at school, but I fear that I would just keep it for my daughter (and myself).

  169. How fun would that be? Please enter me in the drawing!

  170. Pick Me! Pick me! Sorry, my little guy watched Shrek twice today… perhaps we need something else to do over here…

  171. My son would LOVE these!

  172. Such a lovely gift. Please and Thank you.

  173. Count us in, please! We love us some Eric Carle around here. It melts my heart when I hear my 6yo reading Brown Bear to his 3yo sister. The art supplIes sound pretty awesome.

    Thanks, Mir.

  174. What a neat idea!

  175. I am in. Thanks!

  176. Oooh sounds awesome! I love Eric Carle books.

  177. oh boy i’d love this!!! so would my five year old!!!!

  178. What a great prize! Daughter would be thrilled and timing would be ideal. Baby #2 scheduled to arrive in two days. 🙂

  179. Ooooooh, we would LOVE those – I have a little artist who also loves Eric Carle!

  180. pick us!

  181. This looks like so much fun!! We are big Eric Carle fan in this house!!

  182. My girl would love these!

  183. Is it wrong that I could read The Very Hungry Caterpillar over and over again to my boya and not mind it at all? Dr. Seuss books on the other hand…

  184. We love Eric Carle and we love artsy stuff!!! Yay!

  185. Love Eric Carle books (even if I’m sick of them)!!

  186. My kids would LOVE these!

  187. Well, I COULD eat through a board book if I HAD to, but it wouldn’t taste very good.

  188. Awesome!

  189. My girls would love these (and I would too!). We are huge Eric Carle fans!

  190. I love Eric Carle…and so do my grandchildren!

  191. My kids are crazy about Eric Carle’s books!

  192. Would love to have these for my children! Thank you!

  193. This would be great!

  194. Pretty please?

  195. What more could a teacher want!?

  196. We LOVE Eric Carle!!!

  197. My daughter would absolutely love this!!

  198. Pick me and my two boys please!

  199. Ohhhhh, fun!

  200. My 4 year old grandaughter would love this.

  201. Thanks for the chance – we would LOVE these art supplies!!

  202. I see a purple cat looking at me! Thanks!

  203. Ooh, my son would freak over these!

  204. Oh, oh, yes please. Maybe my 4 year old would write her own book, read it to herself, and let me take a nap. But if not, it would still be fun to win!

  205. Yey… will be great for my 3 year old !

  206. Thanks, Mir!

  207. Nate would adore these. Have you been to the Eric Carle museum yet? It’s on our list, maybe we’ll get there this summer.

  208. Love it.

  209. Oooh, we’d love these. I have two Eric Carle fans…

  210. Ohhh! Pretty Please!
    And Thank you~

  211. After 4 children, 6 grandboyos and one grandgirl, I have perfected my “fluting like a flamingo”. Would dearly love the Eric Carle package for my Nonna art center.

  212. an Eric Carle loving family here!

  213. art stuff is wonderful

  214. pick me, pick me – Please!!

  215. These would make me far more Gramma ready!

  216. So fun!

  217. sounds great! Thanks

  218. We love to do art

  219. Is it my turn to win? 😉

  220. Art rocks.

  221. are big fans…would love the art supplies for my twins esp with summer hols in less than a week and a half 🙁

  222. My little artist would love these!

  223. my son loves the beautiful butterfly – he’d love these!

  224. How about “Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear?” I swear he was mocking all parents of the world when he wrote that one. Who knows what a flamingo sounds like?

  225. My three-year-old would adore this!

  226. Ohhh great prize pick me!

  227. I have a 4 1/2 year old granddaughter who would LOVE the art supplies. Whether she knows about the Eric Carle books is unknown. But she would after receiving this prize.

  228. My four year old had brown bear brown bear memorized. She would LOVE this!

  229. Yes please, we’re all about the art supplies around here!

  230. Yes please – my 2.5 year old would love this! He loves making “art” for the fridge 🙂

  231. Very cool! Thanks for the chance.

  232. Would love this for my art loving grandchildren!

  233. We are big Eric Carle fans….here’s hoping!!!! Thx.

  234. My three year old would love these!!

  235. I can’t even count the number of times I have read this as a pre-school teacher or to my grandkids! Would love to win this for my grandkids.
    Thanks for the chance.

  236. Would love this. Thanks!

  237. My kids would love any of these!

  238. Mine would, too!

  239. My little one would love this and so would I. Thanks!

  240. We go through art supplies like crazy over here! Would love this!

  241. ohhh my 3 boys and I would have so much fun with these!

  242. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  243. Definitely need this!!!!

  244. My favorite person would love these!!

  245. So cool!

  246. Don’t forget Polar Bear, Polar Bear!

  247. What a wonderful thing! Thanks for doing this give-away!

  248. Both of my girls love these books! What an awesome art set for two little girls to have!

  249. Awesome contest! Thanks Mir.

  250. Seriously!!! We just decided to have an art themed 2nd birthday party for my daughter and I adore Eric Carle’s art work! Please please please pick me!!

  251. The boy does love his “bar” books

  252. Eric Carle AND art supplies?!?! Does it get any better?

  253. My kids would love these!

  254. We’d love these! My mom and sis just went to the Eric Carle museum last weekend before coming to visit. They brought blocks, but no art supplies!!

  255. This is a pretty awesome prize!!

  256. We are super excited about this one!!!!

  257. Sweet! thanks – Jessica

  258. My little guy would go absolutely crazy for this! pick us!

  259. My daughter would love this!

  260. HOORAY! I need this desperately! I’m running out of art project ideas for the three year-old I nanny for! He loves the Ca-ur-pillur something fierce 😉 This would win me mega cool points.

  261. i see a yellow duck looking at me!

  262. Gramma always needs neat things for the grandbabies. Pick me!

  263. This is too cool, count me in!

  264. Who doesn’t love Eric Carle? You are a kind generous woman.

  265. I would love to win this

  266. my son loves “Does a Kangaroo have a mother, too”…

  267. Wow, these look SO COOL.

  268. My little one would LOVE these!

  269. My 4 year old would love this!!

  270. My baby is great at eating through board books… and his big brother would love this!

  271. I would love to win this for my children!

  272. Every night I hear “my firefly book! More mommy!

  273. My daughter wants to do a “project” every day, so new supplies would be very welcome! Thanks. 🙂

  274. I have a little artist with a birthday next month. WHAT AN AWESOME PRESENT FROM MIR!!!!

  275. My little artist would love to win these!

  276. …a beautiful butterfly! One of the first book lines my now-preschooler learned to fill in.

  277. We would love this!

  278. My girls are Eric Carle fanatics! They would adore these.

  279. Awesome! Thanks, Mir!

  280. Odds seem to be against me, but we’re Eric Carle fans so worth a shot.

  281. My favorite children’s author:) Have to give it a try!

  282. we LOVE eric carle!!!

  283. My son would love these! Thanks for holding the contest.

  284. Wonderful prize, we’d love to win it!

  285. I know a little girl who would appreciate these items. Thanks Mir!

  286. Love! Need!

  287. great gift for my grandkids…

  288. hope I win!

  289. This is a good one

  290. Just made it, I think!

  291. pick me

  292. my 3 year old would love these

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