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By Mir
May 17, 2010
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My kids are old enough now that they’re into listening to music. But not just any music, you understand—their music. Which is not always something I want to listen to.

Let’s just say that the quality of my life improved greatly when I went over to iFrogz during one of their sales and bought both kids comfy headphones.

But you, my pretties… you don’t even need to wait for a sale! Because today I’m giving you the chance to win a set of EarPollution CS40 headphones for your very own. Because I like you. Not only do they boast great sound quality, they’re some of the most comfortable headphones you can buy. That’s not mentioning how free is our very favorite price, even.

So. Want to win ’em? First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post telling me which color you’d like to receive by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 to be entered. (Please be sure to check them out and pick a color, because it makes me sad to disqualify all of the “Yay!” or “Pick me!” comments that don’t follow the directions.)

Free headphones! You can share them with your kid or wear them to drown out your kid. Either way. I don’t judge.

Ready? Go!


  1. Black. Thanks for the chance!

  2. duh, pink!

  3. black, please

  4. I have to say pink, please!

  5. Hmmm…I’d go for blue for my son. But from the description I’m thinking DH would be tempted to take them for himself. 🙂

  6. How about the red ones? Oh and don’t forget — Yay — Pick me!

  7. For the love of PINK!

  8. I’ve been in a red mood so red.

  9. Red, for sure! Then my husband wouldn’t steal them. Heh.

    Love the new blog design!

  10. Plain ole black!

  11. Blue looks good to me!

  12. Black would be wonderful!

  13. Blue, definitely! I need some headphones to drown out kid computer noises.

  14. We love blue!

  15. I’d love them!!

  16. I want the pink ones. Not because I like pink, but because then all of the BOYS in my house won’t steal my sweet headphones!!!

  17. hot pink, baby!

  18. D’oh!! I got a frigging popup as I was typing and the “I’d especially like the black ones” didn’t take. I hope I’m not disqualified. =(

  19. black- nice and simple

  20. Awesome……red, of course.

  21. Black, please!

  22. Blue please. And thank you!

  23. I would pick basic black.

  24. Red! Thanks 🙂

  25. Love the pink ones! I might not share them with my daughter!! 🙂

  26. BLACK!!! Thanks, Mir!!

  27. I would have to pick pink. That way I know none of my boys would try to take them!

  28. the blue are snazzy!

  29. I’m going with black!

  30. Those look awesome. I would like to win the blue ones.

  31. pink for me, please!

  32. White.

  33. Oooh. Fancy. Fancy in red would make me the happiest.

  34. black, please.

  35. I think I have to go with blue. Even though the pink would make sure my husband would never use them!

  36. I was planning on the pink, but no, I cannot take my eyes off the blue – it’s gotta be blue 🙂

  37. Pink, so my husband won’t steal them, mwahahahahahahahahaha.

  38. I have to go with the black ones! (I really like the pink, but the hubby has informed me that he will make his displeasure known by playing his own music very loud if I chose those. lol)

  39. OOOH, yes please! Pink!!!

  40. PINK! Please!

  41. Blue, please!

  42. Red please!

  43. The blue ones would be my daughters favorite for sure, and I’d give them to her if I won.

  44. I think the white ones are pretty cool. Thanks!

  45. Pink, please!

  46. Basic Black sound good!

  47. Black! Thanks!

  48. Pink and it would be fabulous if they allowed me to listen to my ipod on the bus without hearing conversations of other riders. Fingers crossed.

  49. The red is definitely rockin’! Thanks, Mir!!

  50. Blue please

  51. Oooh, I’d love the white ones!

  52. Black, please!

  53. love the blue ones!

  54. Ooooooh – Blue please. My son would LOVE them.


  55. OMG!!!! Exciting!!! Pick me!

  56. I’d vote white, but my daughter would vote pink…

  57. Old-school black for me! 🙂

  58. I love the white–thanks! What a great idea.

  59. Pretty in PINK – Please!!

  60. I choose black. (Less chance of dirty little hands making the other colors look bad. *G*) Thanks!

  61. Can’t go wrong with basic black. Thanks for the contest!

  62. I’ve got to fly across the ocean in just a few weeks (I get to see my husband for all of 14 days this year!) and I NEED these to block out the inevitable cranky toddlers and annoying adults. I think red would be best for this purpose. Now, any recommendations for dealing with whoever will be kicking my seat for 9 hours?

  63. blue please

  64. I like the white!

  65. Plain ol’ white is my choice!

  66. Red goes with everything. (Pick me!)

  67. Blue, please!

  68. I would like black and I would like you use them to drown out my kids. So please pick me!

  69. Oooo hot pink please! So pretty!

  70. I would like black please. And thanks for the reminder about that site…need to go peruse it again.

  71. Black, please. ‘Cause I’d keep them to myself, but really I’d like to give them to DH so I don’t have to listen to his TV shows anymore! Or remind him that maybe it ISN’T the best idea to be watching the Shield or the Tudors when the children are in the room…

  72. My boys would think the blue were rockin’… Awesome!

  73. The pink ones look perfect for my pink-crazy 6 year old. Her musical taste covers everything from Selena Gomez and the Jonas Brothers to Iron Maiden. Believe me when I say that getting a pair of headphone she could wear without whining would be a blessing.

  74. blue.

  75. I like blue (also turquoise, but that isn’t an option).

  76. I’d love those…in black!!!

  77. I would like those in white. To match every other piece of electronic equipment I own.

  78. Classic black. Goes with everything.

  79. BLue please!

  80. I would love the pink ones! Thanks Mir!

  81. Pink for sure, thanks!

  82. Blue for The Boy

  83. OOH! Pink for the obnoxious traveler in me 🙂

  84. Fire engine red please.

  85. Definitely pink!

  86. I love the red ones. My 6-year-old has started calling me the Red Queen and I don’t think she even knows what she’s referencing. Or, at least, that’s what I like to think.

    Awesome contest, Mir! Thanks!

  87. Pink, please!

  88. Blue, thanks Mir!

  89. The blue looks great.

  90. Buh-loo! Need these ! (Blue)

  91. I think red, because I’m going to give them to my super brother-in-law.

  92. Um, hot pink, to replace the ones my four-year-old shredded, and insure that NO ONE messes with my earphones again.

  93. Ooh, the blue ones – earbuds always hurt my ears, and these look comfy.

  94. Pink please !

  95. Bring on the blue!! Thanks!

  96. I’m liking the pink, then maybe hubby will think they are too girly to snatch them from me! :

  97. Blue! And turn that music down! And get off my lawn! And….ooh, sorry got a bit carried away.

  98. Red! Please 🙂

  99. YaY! Pick me! Oh yea, pink to block out the sounds coming from my kid, my boss, my dogs, & the rest of my nagging life!!

  100. Red for me! They look great!

  101. Love the blue! Thx.

  102. Blue for us!!! Thanks

  103. White is good enough. My 7yo has stolen my mp3 player. So after this contest we need a good deal on mp3 player, okay? Thanks. 🙂

  104. Oh, the black would just be awesome for me. My kids can have my old ones.


  105. Red please. I’ve been wanting to get new headphones but not had the desire to go and get them!

  106. white!

  107. I would love the pink pair! Then maybe my husband wouldn’t steal them for the gym like he has all my other headphones!! Thanks!

  108. Yes Please!!

  109. Pink please… this will guarantee they are all mine, as my boys would rather have their nose hairs plucked than be caught with pink anywhere on their person.

  110. Black would be great! Thanks!

  111. Black….please?

  112. Great contest!! Black ones, please!

  113. Black please. Thank you. : )

  114. RED ROCKS!!!!!

  115. blue 🙂

  116. Classic black if I’m picked….

  117. Pink!!

  118. Blue for me please! Thanks

  119. Red please

  120. I would love theses!

  121. Black, please! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  122. Blue please…

  123. I would love the blue ones for my son. We have never been able to find anything that he can wear. He has some ear issues. I would love to have him try these.

  124. Blue, Blue, Blue.

  125. Oh, I pink-puffy-heart the PINK ones! Thanks.

  126. Black, please! Thanks muchly!

  127. Blue please 🙂

  128. Blue. These really look terrific.

  129. Black is the way to go, I’m thinking.

  130. Those look great! Black please!!

  131. Pink, please. Pretty please?

  132. Blue, my daughter’s favorite color!

  133. If I can’t win a red KitchenAid, red headphones might be the next best thing.

    Thanks, Mir!

  134. I’m so boring, but I’d like black ones. Wait, no — that makes me edgy! Yeah, I’m edgy, so I’m going for the black ones. Edgy…yeah…

  135. pink please, pretty lady!

  136. Black please

  137. Ummm, who wouldn’t want the pink ones?!?!?

  138. Blue, please!

  139. can never go wrong with black, right? Thank you pretty Mir!

  140. Black, please, and these will be MINE. Because every mother needs a moment of peace with her own tunes…

  141. Pink for me please!

  142. Blue!

  143. I love all the colors, they are oh so pretty. But the KY blue is the prettiest !!!

  144. Black!

  145. Red is my son’s favorite color.

  146. Why oh WHY do the not have lime green? Really, I got all excited at “ifrogz” thinking green. But Red is pretty too. Very pretty.

  147. Red, please!

  148. I really like that blue! 🙂 Yay! Pick me!

  149. blue looks good on me 😉

  150. My son, daughter and I all would love the pink ones. Que sera sera, right?

  151. I like the black ones!

  152. Pink so that no one in my house would use them!

  153. Black is the new black. Or is it the old black?

  154. OOOH PICK ME!! I would LLOOVVEE the pink ones!

  155. Blue! I’d love blue!

  156. Black is the new black, so I pick that.

  157. I like the white.

  158. red please 🙂

  159. um, pink pretty please 🙂

  160. Blue. Thanks!

  161. Black. Or red. Or black. Or red. I can’t decide. OK. Black.

  162. Ooooohhhhh. I could use these at the gym when I’m attempting to sweat my butt off. I think red would work for me. Yay! Me please!

  163. Duh…big RED truck!

  164. Please for a pair of black ones! are VERY pretty! 🙂 LOL

  165. Think PINK! 🙂

  166. Love the black! They go with everything!

  167. Red would be lovely – it’s unisex so either kid could use them.

  168. Blue please!

  169. Blue!!! thanks

  170. Pink would mean only a 2/7 chance someone else in my home would steal them from me…

  171. Oooooooh. Yes, please!

  172. I love the white ones!

  173. Pink! 🙂

  174. These look like cool headphones. Sign me up for blue, please!

  175. I’d go for the basic black. Pretty!

  176. Blue please!

  177. Black, please!

  178. blue, please– thanks!

  179. Black, please!

  180. I really need the RED ones. They would look great on me!

  181. Black, please

  182. black please….they look awesome!

  183. oooh I love the blue!

  184. Pick me! I’d like basic black, of course. It coordinates with everything else I wear.

  185. Pink, please!

  186. Pink, please. Thanks, Mir!

  187. The blue ones would be great. Yeah! Pick me!

  188. pink, of course!

  189. Boring Black 🙂

  190. White, please!

  191. Oh, I like the red.

  192. I’ve been needing (ok I guess wanting) some of these and would choose black to avoid favorite color disputes. Thanks!

  193. Basic Black sounds good!

  194. i like the red, just to be different! thank you!

  195. Red for me!

  196. Blue please!

  197. need some for travel

  198. Blue , please!

  199. Blue would be awesome!

  200. We would love a blue pair! Thanks!

  201. I would love a black pair for my DH – he’s the annoying music player in my house! The 13 yo and I can agree on what we want to hear! 🙂

  202. Blue would be super cool!

  203. You got me hooked on iFrogz long ago. I like the white ones.

  204. The black ones look great! 🙂

  205. I would LOVE the white ones – thanks!!

  206. I like the red ones!

  207. Black & I hope the lucky number generator likes my number!
    Thank you.

  208. I would luuuurv the white ones. Then we can share! (my son would not be happy with my first choice of pink!)

  209. Black! 🙂

  210. Whitey, white, white! Thanks!

  211. Black please!

  212. Black or blue would be wonderful! With 3 sons we can always use headphones! Thanks Mir. 🙂

  213. Pink, please! It’ll match my iPod AND everything in my room.

  214. I got a new Ipod for Mother’s Day so these would be perfect! My first instinct is pink of course, but then I would have to share with my 2 daughters, and I don’t want to share! So I pick the pretty WHITE ones!

  215. I’d love to win the white ones! Getting tired of these standard ipod earbuds 🙂

  216. Pink, so I don’t have to listen to DH’s fav new radio station.

  217. I think my DH would LOVE the black ones. Thanks Mir!!!

  218. Pink, baby! Have I told you how pretty you are today? P.S Love the new site design! Clean and crisp!

  219. White, please! 🙂

  220. Pink, please.

  221. Black please 🙂

  222. White, please. Thank you very much. God Bless!

  223. Comfortable headphones, what a novel concept! I’d say… blue.

  224. Black would be great!

  225. Black please. I love Ifrogz.

  226. Black would bring me so much peace in the car!

  227. White-it goes with everything!!

  228. black! these look great!

  229. I would like the blue ones please. i need them to replace by Big Lots special which make my ear drums itch.

  230. Black, the only way to wear headphones.

  231. Pink, please and thank you.

  232. WHITE bc they are so retro!!!

  233. let’s do red! yeah!!!

  234. Better dead than red, but in this case RED!!! 😛

  235. My daughter’s just got destroyed, and she would love a new pink pair! Thanks Mir.

  236. Oh it has to be the blue ones fer shur!


  237. The black! So classic.

  238. Black.
    Please & thank you.

  239. I think I’d go for basic black.

  240. Black is slimming…and I could use all the help I can get! ;-p Thanks!

  241. Red would Rawk. We’d call it rawkin’ red!

  242. Hot Pink.

  243. I think the white is spiffy!

  244. Black for me…thx!!

  245. Black please!!

  246. I’m a “basic black” kind of gal. These look awesome… thanks for the contest, Mir!

  247. Red please.

  248. 3 Kids all with different music tastes!!! I need these, in red please, good for boy or girl and so I can give them to whichever child tells me I’m the prettiest!

  249. So. the. red!

  250. I’m so tempted to be practical and go with black….but I’ll say PINK instead! 🙂

  251. color! I would share these with my son 🙂

  252. I’d like the black, please. And you’re pretty! And, YAY!

  253. Red! Definitely Red! (Please….)

  254. Hmm. I’m tempted to request pink because then I’d know my husband wouldn’t swipe them, but the six year old has suddenly declared that pink is NOT HER FAVORITE. So I guess we’ll go with basic black.

  255. I’m so blue-oo-blue-oo-blue-oo-oo….(Sorry, off on a Veggie Tale tangent.) Blue, please!

  256. Gotta go with the basic black.

  257. I’ll take the black ones please!

  258. Ooh, pretty! I like the red — could keep them or give them to my stepson.

  259. Blue please!

  260. I like the white!! Thank you!


  261. Pink!!! 🙂

  262. Black please.

  263. Blue, please!

  264. I don’t want trendy black, and I’m too scared to go trendy colored, so I’ll take trendy WHITE please!!!


  265. you so pretty. White por favor!

  266. I’d love the racy red, thank you very much! 🙂

  267. Would love me some new headphones and not unsightly stretchmarks…..

  268. Black would be great for new computer headphones!

  269. Oooooohhh! I want the pretty red ones PLEASE!!

  270. I’m in! Thanks 🙂

  271. Black is back! NEED these!

  272. Good one!

  273. Yes, please! Pink for me!

  274. black is classy!

  275. Blue, please!!

  276. I like the classic black.

  277. Black please! This will be great in my classroom! Thanks Mir.

  278. Black. Because I’m dull and boring like that.

  279. I would love a blue pair….that way I COULD share with the men in my house if I wanted to!

  280. Red, please.

  281. Pick me! If I actually win I might be bold enough to wear RED, but I have a feeling they’d be snatched up by a certain 8-year-old before I had the chance. 😉

  282. I’d love red, thanks. BTW – I love the redesign!

  283. I’d like the white.

  284. black please!

  285. Black would be whack (whack as in black would be nice, thank you).

  286. blue, puh-lease!
    we’re getting ready to move from the east to west coast, and these would be a lifesaver!!

  287. Traditional black. Thanks!

  288. pretty pink, of course 🙂

  289. Blue, please. Many thanks!

  290. I’m digging the white. I just told the kids this week I needed to get them head phones!!

  291. blue please

  292. Black would be FABULOUS!

  293. I wear headphones every night when I go to bed. I would love the white ones!

  294. Black please! I would love some awesome headphones!

  295. pink, fo’ true!

  296. I wish they came in orange.. but they don’t so pink will work! Then the hubs won’t sneak them!

  297. Blue, please! 🙂

  298. Blue please!

  299. The blue are sweet! Thanks for the chance to win.

  300. black- so that i can share with hubby

  301. Would love to use these while i walk! THanks

  302. oops,. I would love the red ones!

  303. Black please

  304. I have to sleep with headphones, and I’m always looking for new/different/more comfortable ones. Love the blue ones!

  305. You can send me the black ones when my number is chosen…thank you

  306. Black would be lovely and i just keep hoping my number will come up…Thanks!

  307. Pink, so my darling husband won’t steal them! 🙂

  308. What if I say “Yay!,” Pick Me!,” and how ’bout the black ones pretty please? 🙂

  309. Black, please…

  310. Black please!

  311. I love the red

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