More shoes, because I’m out of chocolate

By Mir
May 18, 2010

Wasn’t I just on yesterday, trying to soothe myself with a bit of retail therapy? Yes. Yes, I was. And I didn’t mean to go back today… and then I only meant to tell you that they have select kids’ Converse shoes for $12.95… but then I saw the assortment of Naturalizers for under $25 and I kind of fell down the rabbit hole.

It’s been a hard week, okay? Don’t judge me. (Unless it’s to tell me you love my shoes, of course.)


  1. Oooh, kids’ Converse. Off to see what deals are to be had. (Awkward sentence alert)

  2. You are kind of evil. It took A LOT of willpower not to buy myself some Skechers yesterday, and now you go and taunt me with Converse for the kids!

  3. Question, because my children are style-challenged. Are the Converse the big thing for only girls or also for boys?

  4. I saw some on the boys at school today.

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