While I wait out the rain

By Mir
May 21, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I promised the kids we’d go strawberry picking today, because I am a moron who doesn’t know how to check the weather report. Um. Oops? Mea culpa, kids. Hey! Who wants ice cream for breakfast?

On the up side, though, this gives me plenty of time to find more deals. (I’m a glass-is-half-full-of-pretty-shoes kind of gal.)

The Amazon Friday Sale is still limping along, and every week I swear not to go back, and every week I take a peek, anyway.

Like, every Friday I end up picking up snacks. Am I the only person who loves these seaweed snacks? After the Friday discount and Subscribe and Save they’re just $15.20 for the 24-pack, or about $.63/apiece. And there’s an abundance of Mrs. May’s Trio bars today, too (my favorite are the tropical ones), though every time I post these someone says “These are made in China!!!” So, um, if that bothers you, don’t buy them. (I’ve been eating them for years and haven’t had a problem, for whatever that’s worth.)

And if you’re in the mood to get started on Halloween, how about 50 packs of spooky Wikki Stix for about $12? I just have to remember where I put them….

And finally, don’t forget to check out the 100 MP3 albums for just $5 each; it’s a great way to stock your iPod on the cheap.

Elsewhere today…. I can’t stop laughing at the dog fan in today’s Target Daily Deals. (It’s not quite cheap enough for me to feel the need to buy it, but it sure did make me giggle.) The underbed storage chest is winging its way to me, though, as I continue to fight the good fight against clutter. Remember to click through this here link to activate a $5 off $50+ coupon, or try code TGTREACT for 15% off any order if you haven’t used it yet.

There’s the usual crop of weekend sale goodness happening at Kohls, plus there’s coupons for everyone (woohoo)! Use code SPECIAL20 for an extra 20% off, and that’ll stack with code ORDER75 for free shipping on $75+.

Getting ready to party this summer? Shop for everything you need at Oriental Trading Company and use coupon code SHOPOTC for 20% off and free shipping! (This is a rare coupon from them, giving both a discount and free shipping. My guess is that it won’t last long.)

Alright, my pretties, that should keep you busy for a while. Stay out of trouble and stay dry!


  1. I love those sea weed snacks too!

  2. FYI – I just tried the Target discount code and it tells me it’s expired. Too bad!

  3. I got the 20% off my Oriental Trading order, but not free shipping with the above code.

  4. I’m thinking 3 of those underbed storage things will really help me out with my thrifty shopping-out-of-season!

  5. The 15% off Target code didn’t work for me either, said it is expired, and I have not used it before. Ordered anyways because it’s still a good deal!

  6. Oriental Trading says SHOPOTC expired but DC1181041 will take 20% off of order.

  7. So tempted to try the seaweed snacks…do you REALLY like them, Mir?? REALLY?? What about your kids?

    The negative reviews on Amazon are pretty negative…. I want to like them….

  8. The OTC code worked for me. Thanks! Every year I mean to make an order for July 4th festivities, and I never remember to do it in time. Hooray for planning ahead!

  9. Mir? Does it ever cause cognitive dissonance in you to be so addicted to shopping and yet to try so valiantly to control clutter?

    Just wondering… 😉

  10. Where are you all entering the OTC coupon code? In the ‘key code’ space?

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