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By Mir
May 22, 2010

Good morning! Three out of four members of my family are currently on steroids to control excessive allergic reactions. Things are… interesting at my house right now. Here’s hoping things are a little less interesting at your place. (Related: Please send cookies. And earplugs.)

Know what makes me feel better when everything’s a little… ahhh… energetic around me? Shopping! Yay!

Summer is a great time to stock up on oatmeal at Amazon; they reduce the cost around now because everyone’s giving it up for the warmer months. But it stores just fine, and won’t you feel smart come the return of cold weather? You will. Smart and pretty. And if you love the taste of steel-cut but not the extended cooking time, today’s your lucky day: Amazon has the 6-pack of McCann’s Quick & Easy Steel Cut Oats for just under $13 shipped when you buy via Subscribe & Save. It cooks in just 5 minutes, and steel cut oats are not only better-tasting (I think) than rolled oats, they’re better for you, too.

Also at Amazon: If you’re still looking for a GPS, how about this refurbished TomTom XL 340S for $90? It has text-to-speech and plenty of bells and whistles, and buying refurb is a great way to get plenty of features for less money. has Clarks up to 70% off this weekend (catch me, I’m swooning!), as well as slashed prices on Nike, Oakley, Mia, and more.

Is it clothes you want this weekend? Shop Old Navy for the next two days and use code ONCAMP15to save 15% on any order, as well as getting free shipping on $75+. Meanwhile, Children’s Place just reduced their sales items another 25%, and have their $5, $6, $7, $8 sale back again, plus code E4A5A will give you another 15% off your order (phew)! And—one more—it’s currently Girls’ Weekend Out at Macy’s, which means an automatic extra 20% off clothes for women and girls.

Also just this weekend, it’s time to buy more and save more at eBags; through that link, you’ll enjoy 15% off one item, 20% off two items, or 25% off three items! See, it’s like the universe really wants you to get that new purse when you’re picking up a new backpack for your kid.

If it’s toys you need, have you been to the Toys R Us Clearance Section lately? Looks like they recently restocked, and any time you spend $100+ on stuff other than video game consoles, you’ll get free shipping. Might be worth a look if you have some big gift occasions coming up, or your gift closet is running low.

That should get your Saturday started off right, right? Good luck out there today.

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  1. I hope everyone starts feeling better soon Mir! And just so you know – all that ‘energy’ around you makes you look so pretty! 🙂

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