Get an even better Wii workout

By Mir
May 24, 2010
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I don’t like to brag (oh, who am I kidding; I love to brag), but some of you know that earlier this year I joined up with some friends and did a fitness challenge. Over the course of that challenge I learned to love like tolerate exercise, and through a combination of diet modification, elliptical training, and devotion to my Wii Fit, I lost 12 pounds. Which was pretty awesome when swimsuit shopping time came ’round, I’m just saying.

Anyway, when I was contacted by the folks at Riiflex about their specialty dumbbells that allow you to slide your wiimote and nunchuck right in and go on exercising—along with more pounds of resistance, so greater results—I was all over it. And despite my recent transformation I don’t mind telling you that just two extra pounds per hand significantly punched up my workout, by which I mean I sweated profusely and wondered if I wasn’t in such good shape after all. But it was a good kind of hurt. (I think. Ask me tomorrow if I can lift my arms.)

Needless to say, I like to share the love. Plus, the folks at Riiflex were kind enough to send me a pair of dumbbells for me and a pair of dumbbells for you. That’s right—one lucky Want Not reader is going to receive a pair of their very own. Yay!

Want to win ’em? First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, May 27th, 2010 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and Jillian Michaels yelling at me to keep! going!!

Ready? Go!


  1. I’d love to win those, please!

  2. Woohoo! This would be awesome!

  3. Count me in!

  4. I could use these! My hips could use them too!

  5. I would l love these

  6. Oh! Jillian LOVES yelling at me! I have an edge, I know it!

  7. I’m down!

  8. Boy, do I need those!

  9. ohh, these would be awesome!

  10. Wow. What a brilliant but why-didn’t-I-think-of-that idea for a product.

  11. Totally need these around here. Can we play?? Pretty please Pretty Mir??

  12. I’ve been wanting those!

  13. Boy do I need these!

  14. Those sound awesome, needing to rev up my workout too.

  15. I’ve tried to hold hand weights + Wii remotes instead of using the resistance band for EA Sports Active. It doesn’t work. I’d love these!

  16. These would be so helpful!! =)

  17. I have been eying those! Would love a chance to try them (and thank you for the review!)

  18. This sounds good! I knew there had to be some kind of product like this available.

  19. I would love to win these!

  20. Very cool!

  21. ooh, me please. need to build up my stamina for my black belt test. wiii fit is actually helping with my balance issues

  22. Count me in! I don’t use the Wii Fit as much as I should, but I love Walk It Out. Weights would be an awesome addition.

  23. Oh I could use these!

  24. These would be great for my biggest loser going at work.

  25. Love my wii fit!

  26. Pick me please! I am trying to to get back into my exercise routine.

  27. This would be just the thing to help me amp up my weight loss program!

  28. I would love an even better workout, since right now Im not getting one at all. 🙂

  29. Maybe I’d actually exercise if I had these. My poor wii fit sits stuffed in a closet so it can’t ply me with guilt anymore.

  30. I so need the help. Thanks, Mir!

  31. That sounds smart – my brother-in-law also has risers that go under his balance board so the step workout is actually a workout. Smart.

  32. I would love to win these! Thanks Mir!

  33. These would surely come in handy!

  34. I would love to win this. Thanks!

  35. My son approves this contest entry. My flat panel TV is not quite as enthused.

  36. That sounds very cool – I am definitely going to have to check into them even if I don’t win!

  37. Yeah! Thank you.

  38. I could definitely use these.

  39. Oh, punch up my work out, please!

  40. What a cool giveaway! I could totally use these 🙂

  41. I need these!

  42. Cool!

  43. I MAJOR want that!

  44. I’d love me some of those!

  45. Those sound great! I’d love to try them.

  46. sounds cool!

  47. my chubby arms need these!

  48. Yay! I would love to win! I just started working out with my Wii Fit last week and I’m loving it! 🙂

  49. I can use all the help I can get!!

  50. I’d love to win this!! Thank you!

  51. I would love these. Thanks.

  52. Those sound like a great addition to the Wii! I feel kind of silly doing the exercises with just the remote/nunchuck for weight 🙂

  53. I’ll take all the help i can get!

  54. Would love to win!

  55. Thanks for the chance!

  56. Oh, sounds good to me!

  57. Well, OK. But the Wii is in the office. So I could only use it when my husband is out of town. I don’t need comments from the peanut gallery.

  58. sounds awesome!!

  59. Those would be really awesome.

  60. This would be awesome!!

  61. My flabby arms would thank you!

  62. Sweet!

  63. It would be great to win these. Don’t you just LOVE Jillian!?!

  64. Pick me please!! Thank you for running these contests (even if this contest involves torture.) 🙂

  65. I want ’em!!! Bad!!!

  66. Well, I don’t think they’d make me like exercising, but they sure would be good for me. I’d love to give them a try!

  67. I need these. My SiL took me to a taping of TBL and we were abused err, I mean given the chance to workout this Miss Michaels. I realized that I am not in the greatest shape. HELP!!LOL! P.S. Thanks for running these contests!

  68. I am finally getting a wii and a wii fit for my birthday June 8th and this would be a perfect present to go along with it!! Pretty please?

  69. me me pick me! I’ll be needing to lose baby weight here pretty soon.

  70. Thanks, Mir!

  71. These are such a great idea! I might have to bring these up to my hubby. (By the way, if I get them and don’t respond right away, we’re on vacation for a while, but I’m still interested! 🙂 Does that count? ;~) )

    Thanks, Mir!


  72. Ok…this is a NEED, not a “want”. LOL


  73. my arms need work!!!

  74. what a cool idea!

  75. Really, you shouldn’t send me to amazon if you want me to come back. I just found all kinds of great Wii things to add to my wish list.

    These dumbbells are a great addition to my Wii Active workouts. It already kicks my butt but these make me drool.

  76. Want these so bad!

  77. My arms would love these…………….

  78. My arms need toning!

  79. I need these!

  80. Pick me please!

  81. Awesome!

  82. Too cool …

  83. Do I get extra entries if I immediately started singing The Reflex from Duran Duran when reading this entry? Please?

  84. Seriously need this, as I just managed to break my dang toe and the elliptical is out of the picture (as are shoes at this point…very sad!) so I’m renewing my relationship with the Wii fit!

  85. I want to lose 12 lbs, Great job! The dumbbells sound awesome!

  86. I definitely need these!

  87. Sign me up…hopefully I will use my WiiFit more:)

  88. Would Love them!!!!

  89. Can I win Jillian Michaels, too? 🙂

  90. Wii, I mean, we would love it! Ha!

  91. Don’t have a Wii yet, but winning these would just about require buying one, right?

    Thanks, Mir!

  92. I need to start exercising again and my Wii is calling my name, so these would be perfect!

  93. Sounds great!

  94. Need to win!!!!!!

  95. ME! Please?

  96. Sounds like just what I need. Thanks for the swell contests Mir!

  97. oh, hooray!

    please, please!

  98. I would LOVE to bump up my work out a bit!

  99. love wii workouts, especially being pregnant. We could use the dumbells!

  100. Me please

  101. would love to win

  102. I need to have a better swimsuit experience too!

  103. Why not!!! Count me in.

  104. my flabby wings could really use those

  105. I came up with these when wii fit came out. I should have actually DONE something about it!! Oh well, Here’s hoping I win!!

  106. I would love a shot at winning these and tolerating workouts!

  107. Please!

  108. I could really use these! Wouldn’t be exactly fun, but would be good for me . . .

  109. This could convince me to give my lying Wii another chance. It tells me I gain and lose weight like Kirstie Alley. Up down up down, like DAILY. It is about time my Wii be good for something besides ruining my day. 🙂

  110. I didn’t even know they existed, but they would be great! (And is it bad to shout back at Jillian?)

  111. I’d love these!!

  112. Oh, yes, please!

  113. My squishy muscles and I both say, “Me, please!”

  114. Very cool! Count me in!

  115. Looks cool. Of course, if I won these, then I guess I would have to buy another game or something, because it doesn’t look like it works with just the Wii Fit. what a sacrifice….

  116. Pick me! I need to get skinny before my husband gets back from deployment, and I only have three months to go!

  117. I want I want I want!

  118. oooo pick me!!! I should work out….I need to work out…but I should work out…see I’m already willing myself to do it!

  119. I could really use this to reduce baby weight here shortly! (C’mon, baby, momma needs a new workout!)

  120. My “mom arms” could use these…

  121. Well, yes those would be AWE-SOME!

  122. Sounds great!

  123. I don’t wii, but these would still be great! Thanks!

  124. These would be great!!!!!

  125. I’d seriously like to know what kind of readership you have. You always get so many entries.

  126. me me me me me!!!

  127. PUMP ME UP — challenge me!! — I’d love to win these.
    Thanks – elizabeth

  128. This would be the motivation I need to unpack the Wii Fit!

  129. I have a Wii, but not the Wii Fit. If I win these, I will have an excuse to buy Wii Fit!

  130. Pick me. Choose me. Love me. Pretty please?

  131. Ooh, things to improve my Wii workouts? Yes, please!

  132. Wii these would be awesome maybe then my arms would stop waving when I do….Just sayin….

  133. Ooohh I’ve been wanting a pair of these. Pick me please!!

  134. I have been meaning to see if something like this existed. Winning a pair would be even more awesome!

  135. Jillian Michaels almost killed me……several times and she didn’t even know it. or maybe she did

  136. Oooohhh! I would LOVE these!! 🙂

  137. How cool!

  138. Love my Wii Fit Plus, these would make it even better!

  139. Love my wii fit! These would make me so much stronger!

  140. Those sound really awesome!

  141. Sounds great to me!

  142. me me me me me pick me!

  143. I need to lose the weight without going ti the gym

  144. random number generator, pick me! pick me!

  145. oooh, yeah!

  146. Nice, haven’t seen these before.

  147. I need to lose 12 pounds. 🙂

  148. WHOOHOO! Over here…PICK ME!! 🙂

  149. Want these! Want these! Please!

  150. How exciting…for my muscles.

  151. Wow, what a great idea!

  152. Awesome! I have always said (since we got our Wii Fit) that they should make a way to turn the Wiimote into weights….finally!

  153. What a great addition to the regular Wii exercise stuff.

  154. These sound like a really great idea – count me in!!!
    (Can you lift your arms today?)

  155. So cool!! I would love to win these!!

  156. Love it!

  157. It would be great for my daughter!

  158. Would love these!!

  159. I would love to have these!

  160. Those look great. And congrats on the 12 pounds! I’m sure you look great, too.

  161. I’d love to try these!

  162. Pick me, pick me!

  163. I’m on a goal to lose half my body weight by the time I turn 45. So yeah, I need these. (And sadly, could lose MORE than 1/2 my body weight and be OK.) Sigh.

  164. I’m in:)

  165. sounds like a great prize. I really need to pull out my wii fit again.

  166. My luck, I’ll win these . . . instead of one of the more indulgent give-aways. 🙂

  167. This would answer my biggest complaint about all the wii exercise programs . . . my hands can’t hold a weight and the wii remote.

  168. Yes please Mir!

  169. Meeeeeeeeee!

  170. I would love these to go along with my fitness coach game for the Wii.
    Pick me please!

  171. Me…me…me!!!

  172. Wii fit is great fun and I would love to expand my routine.

  173. Ooh me

  174. Yes please!

  175. This sounds really neat!

  176. Yes, please!

  177. Those look great!!

  178. Need Riiflex Riilly bad

  179. PLEASE?!?!?!?

  180. Would love these. Thanks!

  181. I could totally use these. Thanks Mir!

  182. Thanks for the chance! Wow, 12 lbs! Great!

  183. Sounds fantastic!

  184. Oooh, these would be terrific!

  185. Maybe we will actually get back to using the Wii with new gizmos to punch it up…


  187. Awesome! Will definitely make my Wii Fit more fun!

  188. How awesome would these be???

  189. Please, generator, pick me.

  190. This is an awesome contest! I hope I win!

  191. I definitely need these.

  192. Yes, please!

  193. Thanks, Mir!

  194. A little late to the game, as I will be attempting to hook up a new Wii & Wii Fit Plus this weekend…. I would love to incorporate weights in the Wii Fit exercises. I know how much difference 2 pounds can make.

  195. Oh how fun!

  196. I would love to win these. Thanks.

  197. These sound cool. I could definitely use some punching up of my physical routine. I’m slowly making progress, but it definitely needs to be stepped up…or I will never fit back into my summer clothes…sigh.

  198. I need an excuse to get of Facebook & back on the Wii Fit.

  199. These sure would be good for my exercise program!

  200. Very kewl! 🙂

  201. This would be so awesome!

  202. anything to get rid of the jello arms

  203. this would be great 🙂

  204. I have got to get shaped up before beach season starts – I could really use this!!

  205. Pick me! My workout needs a boost. Oh, it also needs a start. Oops. 🙂

  206. Another thing I never knew I needed but really probably do!

  207. Maybe these would inspire me to go back to exercising 😀

  208. Yes, please!

  209. oh please pretty please!

  210. Cool. sign me up!

  211. Pick me!

  212. I love it when Jillian yells at me! And Iove this contest, too.

  213. Just started a new diet and exercise program and I could really use these!

  214. Cool idea!

  215. Anything to get me tone!

  216. For my neighbor! 🙂

  217. Would love to have these dumbells!!!!!!

  218. I’ve been wanting something like these for a long time now!! Count me in!

  219. Would love it!

  220. I’m going to need some indoor workout stuff, since it’s 95 degrees and crazy-humid here in St Louis…and it’s not even June yet. Ugh!

  221. I have lost 29 of the 67 pounds I have set as my goal so far . . . this would really help!!

  222. Me, please!

  223. Me please!

  224. I would love these! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  225. I could definitely use them!

  226. Awesome! I’d love to use these!!

  227. So cool; aside from the hubby, I could use a dumbbell in the house! 😉

  228. Ohhhh I SOOO need to work on my arms!! This would definitely help me. Thanks for the chance!

  229. I could so use these!!! I need proper equipment, not just a toddler to lift 🙂

  230. Those are so cool! Although Wii tennis sans dumbbells makes my arms sore. Clearly I have some work to do.

  231. very cool

  232. I’ve been wanting to try one of the Wii workouts. This would make it even more effective. Thanks Pretty Mir!

  233. It is summer! Bring on the workouts!

  234. Ooooh, pick me, random number picker 🙂

  235. I’d love to have those!

  236. I SOOOO need those! Just had baby 4 in 5 years, and MUST lose the flab for the pool this summer! Thanks, pretty pretty Mir!

  237. This sounds like it would kick butt! Gimme gimme!

  238. Dumb bells. Hum?

  239. This would be a great addition to my workout, especially since I just watched the Biggest Loser finale!

  240. That sounds perfect!

  241. Those sound cool!

  242. My flabby arms would absolutely love to have something to hold onto during my wii workout!!!

  243. oh pick me please

  244. oooh pick me please!

  245. These would be great for my biggest loser contest at work.

  246. Really want, need these!

  247. Really need these!

  248. What a great addition to the Wii! We’d love it at our house 🙂

  249. My daughter and I already burn up the Wii fitness, these would fantastic!

  250. Woo, woo!

  251. pick me! Trust me, I need all the help I can get. ;o)

  252. workout!

  253. Would love this!! Thanks!

  254. oops! Guess I was too late.

  255. I’m in!

  256. Cool!

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