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By Mir
May 25, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Been on the lookout for a deck box? We happen to own this Suncast 50-gallon deck box to keep our pool stuff in, and I’m pretty sure I paid way more than the $39 it’s currently going for at Amazon. Hmph.

Make sure to select buying it directly from Amazon in the “More Buying Choices” column on the right; it’s currently defaulting to Target as the vendor, which is the same price but wants to charge you shipping. It’s $39 shipped from Amazon directly.

Now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure we had to put it in the car and drive it home, too. You kids today have everything so easy.


  1. Gah! Just bought one a month ago for closer to $70. AND I had to drive it home.

  2. This post is so timely! I needed one of these things, and was just about to spend a bunch more money on one. Thanks Mir!

  3. Mir, you have been reading my mind again! You’re worse than Facebook, and yet so much better too.

  4. I think it is defaulting to Target b/c amazon is out of stock. You can get free shipping from amazon, but you’ll have to wait.

  5. It’s already out of stock through Amazon, but you can still order it and they’ll “ship when available”. I’m going for it, and hopefully I’ll get it before summer is over, lol!

  6. yahooo! I bought two

  7. Got one of these several years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it. We use it for organizing the kids outdoor toys like soccer balls, water guns, etc.

  8. I don’t see the amazon option at all…do I just have to keep checking back to see if it’s in stock?

  9. I don’t see an Amazon option either. Perhaps I acted a little too late on this one?

  10. Darn, I missed it too. Looks like it would also function as an extra seat!

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