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By Mir
May 25, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Two items of note for your bargain-hunting pleasure, today:

First, thanks to everyone who mailed me in a Woot-induced frenzy to point out that there’s a Woot-Off happening today, because there’s little I like more than spending the day glued to my computer, hoping for that holy grail of fantabulous deals to pop up for pennies on the dollar. Heh. As always, the great deals go quickly, and the crummy deals seem to take forever, but if you have the time and the patience, you may luck out.

Second, it’s time for another Allure Beauty Box! If you’ve never participated in this before, Allure teams up with the Skin Cancer Foundation and all sorts of luxury beauty product manufacturers to offer $200 worth of awesome products for just $40 + tax, and some of the money goes to skin cancer research. A new box is being released in the Allure Virtual Store at noon Eastern time, today.

All together, now: Refresh, refresh, refresh…. [Updated to add: I got mine! Woohoo!]


  1. Thanks for the beauty box update, I was afraid I missed it this year.

  2. the beauty box was really disappointing last year, will have to think about if I’ll get it this year…

  3. Wow! The box looks really good this year. It’s worth it for the Stila lipglaze set alone! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I really enjoyed the box last year. There were several products that I enjoyed enough to buy again. I guess it just depends on what you’re interested in.

    This box looks great, lots of skincare stuff! I’m picking one up for sure.

  5. I liked last year’s but there were a couple of products I could not use, such as the Jergens Natural Glow, because it is for “medium” skin tones, and I’m light (I put it up for grabs in our kitchen at work and it was gone within minutes). I’m totally keeping everything in this year’s box.

  6. how in the world do I get to buy the box – still shows the available at noon message, but nowhere to click to buy!

  7. Its 12:14 and it still has the page that says available at 12:01. Very irritating.

  8. I had the same problem, too, until I registered. I would guess that registering/logging in would get you to the purchase page? Good luck!

  9. Got it! Only took a dozen or so refreshes. By the way, shipping is included, but I was charged Maryland tax.

  10. Got 2!!

  11. I just got it – finally. It took a while before it would allow me to purchase. Guess we crashed their server again! Thanks, Mir!

  12. Got it!

  13. Got mine too!

  14. Got it – never bothered before, but I can use all those sunscreens!

  15. As a skin cancer survivor, I thank you for your Allure purchase.

  16. Couldn’t resist the kid’s woot – a toothbrush sanitizer that looks like an anime character. That will make a fun stocking stuffer!

  17. wow! just saw this and figured I’d poke it and see – they were still available!

    can’t believe I got one! My fair-haired boy and I will definitely use the sunscreens!

  18. Just an FYI — It’s 9:25PM and I just got one (yes, I totally zoned on it earlier. Shame on me!)

  19. It’s 10:00 am ET on 5/26, and I was able to purchase one. I hope I don’t get an email later telling me it’s unavailable after all.

  20. My first beauty box! I can’t wait to get it!

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