If you light it, they will toast

By Mir
May 26, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Did you miss the last time there was a firepit in the Target Daily Deals? It’s baaaa-aaack, and today you can snap up a 33″ tile bowl firepit fir $75 and free shipping.

Except you can have it even cheaper than that, because activating this link will give you another $5 off, so the grand total will be just $70 (possibly plus tax) to your door. Sweet.

And then you can be the S’mores Queen. Win friends and influence people through toasted sugar, that’s my motto.

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  1. That BBQ set will make an awesome Father’s Day gift! Tried to do the extra $5 off but it must be for orders over a certain amount. Either way, $32.99 + tax shipped to my door for an 18pc set with a storage case is great!

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