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By Mir
May 27, 2010
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Are you a fan of Longaberger baskets? Funny story: When I got married the first time—child bride that I was—someone gave us a Longaberger bread basket and I had no idea what it was. I mean, I knew it was a basket for bread, but I thought it was kind of a weird (not to mention cheap) gift. Years later when I found out what they go for I was quite appalled at my younger self’s ignorance. Whoops.

Sixteen years later, that basket still looks like brand new, and I use it all the time. So.

Longtime Want Not reader Patti happens to be a Longaberger consultant, and she emailed to let me know that for Memorial Day, everything online is 30% off. Longaberger tends to have sales never, so this is a great opportunity to purchase if you’ve been debating an item or two. Although you may want to save the really nice bread basket for someone who will appreciate it, not a young and stupid bride. Heh.

(Thanks for the tip, Patti!)


  1. My mom use to sell those. I still get all silly when I see someone with one. I’m in CA and they are sorta rare out here. I have an Easter basket that I am not using for my son. I love their baskets.

  2. In the universe of odd jobs, last summer I had to analyze a collection of +500 Longaberger baskets and basket accessories. (Yes, they have accessories for their baskets.) We were trying to figure out how to value them in a divorce settlement.

    There are approximately seventy-zillion available on eBay for between 30-50% of original price. (Out of curiousity, I just now ebay searched “Longaberger” – 41,800 results; 22,800 if you narrow it to baskets.)

    I’m just sayin’.

  3. I love their corporate office! It’s a very unique building 🙂

  4. I have a Longaberger hamper and laundry basket that my parents gave me when I was in high school some 24 years ago. They have survived countless moves and I still use them everyday.

  5. I bought a Longaberger basket at a yard sale for ten cents. (I bought it for the laundry room to throw the lone socks in while they waited for their mates to stop their carousing and carefree ways and come back to them.) My mother noticed and told me in hushed and reverent tones that it was “a Longaberger.” Now I have no place to throw the lonely onlies and the basket is swaddled in bubble wrap inside our safe deposit box. 🙂

  6. Woot! I love Longaberger. I sent the link to some friends that I know will buy some too 🙂

  7. Hee, that reminds me of when magazines have articles with “Great Gifts Under $20” and such, and show something like TAG dishtowels. I’m not getting someone dishtowels for a present, because like your young-bride-self, they may have no clue it’s a faaaancy kind!

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