Just in time for, well, whatever

By Mir
May 27, 2010

I like how summer offers plenty of holiday and event opportunities for justifying a pretty new outfit or three. Because there’s Memorial Day, and Fourth of July, and those people are getting married, and then before you know it, it’s Labor Day….

Okay, I’m stretching the whole justification thing. But you get the idea.

Assuming that you have a holiday/wedding/just-because event coming up, you might want to hop on over to Coldwater Creek, where coupon code AFLA764 will allow you to take half off of anything, even items in the Outlet.

Sure, you could use it to pick up some gifts for other folks, too, but if you happened to find something cute for yourself, well, who could blame you?


  1. I got three blouses and two gifts for less than $25 last time – the bargain centers of my brain were singing arias.

  2. Love the huge discount, but man, it disappoints me when they take some of their more popular items off the website when they run this deal. Yes, they did it again!

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