The big sale is on… now

By Mir
June 3, 2010

If you were trying to resist shopping, you’d better not read this one.

I regret (just a little) to inform you that it’s time for the big twice-yearly sale at Hanna Andersson, with prices of up to 50% off their regular offerings.

Of course, all coupons have expired in anticipation of this big event, but if you love Hannas (and why not, with their extreme cuteness, cottony comfort, and the fact that they wash and wear like some sort of magical Swedish iron), this is the time to shop, anyway. The savings will compensate for what you’ll pay in shipping.

Unless you—like me—are not shopping right now. I’m not even looking. I’ll get sucked in. I’m walking away. Right now.


  1. Dangit, I really was trying to not shop this month. But, Hannas. Hannas wear beautifully and I get two kids through each set! Thanks once again-add money saved to my running tally.

  2. Plus, when the kids grow out of them, they resell for really good prices at yard sales, because Hannas are just the best. I had my first yard sale this weekend, and every pair of Hanna PJs I was selling sold out by morning’s end.

  3. Adorable, but even at half off I still can’t justify the prices when I can get cute clothes way cheaper at the Children’s Place. Now if someone can find me a brand of jeans that will last through at least half the school year without getting holes in the knees, I can probably justify any price!

  4. Their always sold out of my boys’ sizes 🙁

  5. thank you so much! my “I’ll only wear leggings” daughter was running out of shorts choices. Sadly their stripey legging shorts were sold out in her size. 🙁 but they had dots!

    As a bonus, Children’s Place has a 15% off coupon for more “only legging shorts” options.

    I love how Hannas will last through all 3 of my girls. They are wonderful.

  6. @Christina… I agree 100%, too pricey for my budget.
    My son goes through jeans like crazy and Sears replaces them for free as long as they are the same size. So I get him Lee reinforced knee for $20 and so far returned them twice! Not that they are bad quality he is just really hard on his jeans (knees)

  7. @Leanne, do you know if the Sears thing works for girls jeans too? My daughter wears through the knees on everyone brand (including the pricey Old Navy and Guess ones!) within a couple weeks of wearing them!

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