You’re not just frugal, you’re green

By Mir
June 3, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Given a choice between new and used, I will often go for used. Certain items—underwear springs to mind, because ewwww—I prefer new, of course, but in general? I love the savings and the recycling aspect of buying pre-owned. (Just ask my car. Or my husband!) (Totally kidding about my husband.)

Ahem. I’m going to get in trouble for that one.

Anyway! Music! And movies! Those are great things to buy used. Here’s a deals for your listening and viewing pleasure: Through June 15th, shop at f.y.e and you can use coupon code USED1030M to take $10 off your $30+ order of used CDs and DVDs (and shipping on $25+ is free).

Really, you’re saving the planet by picking up some new tunes. You’re kind of a hero like that.


  1. I thought Otto had been a single guy before marriage to you . . aren’t YOU the “used” one? 😉

  2. What’s with fye’s prices? Even with $10 off, you’re still usually saving only $5 off the Amazon cost for the new item. Or am I just looking up the wrong titles?

  3. Yeah, Otto wasn’t used. He was more…wild grown. I think you foraged for him.

  4. Where’s Mir?

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