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By Mir
June 5, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Good morning! How much coffee does it take to get the entire family out the door with everything they need for a week before 7:00 am? I’m about to find out.

While I do that, you should go shopping. Because I’d rather be, you understand.

Running out of Annie’s Homegrown products from the last time they were on special? Don’t worry, they’re back at Amazon, this time with 10% off using coupon code ANNIE736, and then another 15% off and free shipping when you purchase via Subscribe & Save. My kids love their snacks, and I love that they make all sorts of yummy stuff without chemicals and fillers.

Also at Amazon: I love these Crayola Telescoping Towers, and this one filled with Pipsqueaks (little markers) is marked down to $8.50 and would make a great gift closet item. What kid has too many markers? Exactly.

There’s a big sale going on at Kohls this weekend (I know, a shock, right?), with $.99 shipping on every item. Good time to buy big items, bad time to buy a dozen individual pairs of socks. Code SUMMER15 will take 15% off your purchase this weekend, but I think you need a Kohls charge card to make it work.

I’m kind of eyeing that swimsuit in today’s Target Daily Deals. (Really, I want the netbook, but the swimsuit is a little more budget-friendly.) Don’t forget to try code TCJ09UAB for an additional 10% off there.

Plenty of yesterday’s deals are still good today, by the way, so don’t forget about those. As for me, I have to go rally the children. And then we’re off!

A couple quick notes: I owe you contest winners from this week, and that’s coming. (Given that I can’t ship prizes until I get back, I was in no particular hurry on that one.) Also, I will still be posting (from the cruise ship! maybe poolside?) while I’m gone, although my schedule will no doubt be lighter. To make it up to you, I have a few fun extras planned for this upcoming week I think you’re not going to want to miss. Pinky swear.


  1. Have a few fancy umbrella drinks for me!

  2. Just bought the Crayola Tower filled with Pipsqueak markers. I’ll be home for the summer with my little guy so we’ll be doing a lot of art projects with these around. Thanks!!

  3. Sweet Mir, I hope you and your family have a fab vacation!

    I wanted to get the marker set but it appears to be up to $14 🙁 I’ll keep checking though!

  4. Is it my imagination, or is the Annies mac & cheese quite a bit cheaper at Target? I was so thrilled to find this stuff, because my kids love single serving Mac & Cheese, but I hate the ickiness of Kraft. My vegetarian daughter takes it to school for lunch several times a week.

    But OHMYGOD she has vegan fruit snacks! My daughter will be OVER THE MOON!

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