Good morning from… uh… wherever we are

By Mir
June 8, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

So, it turns out that sleeping on a giant ship that sails who-knows-where has all sorts of unexpected perks. Like, this morning my husband popped up while it was still dark out and insisted it was past 7:00 and time to get up. Only it turned out to be about 4:00. (Confusion at sea! More entertaining than when he sleepwalks at home!)

Ahem. Anyway. I have a few deals for you for today.

It turns out that today Endless is having a secret sale, and I’m missing it. Hmph. But you can save 25% on orders of $100+ on athletic and outdoor styles.

All of the Target Daily Deals are plus-size clothing, today (including a really cute swimdress), so worth a look if you’re in the market for those.

Looking for a train table? Toys ‘R’ Us has this Imaginarium train table marked down to just $42, and remember that shipping is free on your $99 order, or alternatively you may be able to order it for free in-store pick-up.

Ooooh, Amazon has the Coraline Blu-ray/DVD combo pack (particularly awesome if you don’t have a Blu-ray player yet) available yet, but you plan to get one sometime in the future.

Also at Amazon, remember the Lightning Deal craziness before the holidays? It’s baaaaaaack! In preparation for Father’s Day, keep an eye out all day for great deals for Dad. How thoughtful (and capitalistic) of them. Heh. Even better, it looks like they’re offering another free Prime trial, too.

I’m off for a day of adventure, but I know you’ll be good while I’m gone, right? You’re looking very pretty, by the way.


  1. Hope you are having great weather and a great trip!

  2. Where do you go for the free Prime trial this time? Thanks! Have a great rest of your vacation!

  3. I couldn’t find the free trial for Prime either. Would love to take advantage of that.

    Hope you are having a wonderful cruise!

  4. I buy enough from Amazon that I find the Prime membership to be pretty darn worth it, because I can get pretty much anything I want overnight for $3.99. There have been times it actually saved my butt. 😉

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