Oh Friday, slow down

By Mir
June 11, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I can’t believe it’s Friday. Today is our last port of call, and tomorrow we sail back to Florida. On Sunday, we disembark and my first cruise will be only a memory. I can’t wait to tell you more about it, next week. It’s been quite the experience.

While I run off to deposit my oldest for her last shore excursion (she’s going ziplining, with people who—unlike her mother—don’t find heights terrifying), you might want to check out the Amazon Friday Sale, pitiful though it may be, today.

I’ll try to come back and look around some more after I finish making my baby promise she won’t fall out of a tree, or anything.


  1. zip lining is amazing if you are not afraid of heights. or at least that is what my 65 year old mother told me. i was napping in a hammock in the rainforests of costa rica while she gave it a try.

  2. While I’d like to do it around HERE, I’m afraid of the ones in other countries after a friend just joked last night; he’d done some in Cancun and said that the connections and stuff were definitely not OSHA approved! 😉

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