Sure, I’d love one

By Mir
June 15, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Nope, I’m not home yet. So I can’t run a contest just yet. But that’s okay, because Sierra Trading Post is running a better one than I could come up with, anyway: They’re giving away an iPad, no purchase necessary.

I’m telling y’all about it because I love you. Even though if you don’t enter, I probably stand a better chance of winning, myself. Ahem.


  1. Oh yes please!

  2. This would totally make my summer more bearable!

  3. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win one of these for my hubby, but if I did win, he just might not get it! lol

  4. May I snicker, mock and point now, please? ;-D

  5. *snickering, mocking and pointing with Brigitte*

  6. Awesome! I’d never buy one but winning one would be cool. Thanks for the heads up!

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