By Mir
June 16, 2010

The good news: Hooray, I’m home! Finally!!

The bad news: OhmygoodlordIamsosickandtired. Even the dog seems a little concerned. I am thinking of going to bed for a day and hoping that fixes matters.

However, how shall we celebrate my triumphant return home? With shoes, of course. Specifically: Crocs. Because why not? Also because I’m sick. It’s clouded my judgment a little; it’s made plastic shoes seem like a fabulous idea!

But here’s the thing: They currently have a million coupons going, and shipping is free, and you can stack codes! Use CROCS4SUMMER for 20% off any order and STACK15 for 15% off any order—that’s 35% off, right there. Also pick from the following to lower the prices on specific shoes:
SCUTES1499 for $14.99 Scutes
GMARYJANE999 for $9.99 Mary Janes
MELBOURNE1999 for $19.99 Melbourne Flips
OLIVIA1499 for $14.99 Olivias
MALINDI1499 for $14.99 Malindis
GABBY999 for $9.99 Gabbys
PREPAIR1499 for $14.99 Prepairs
SCCLOG1999 for $19.99 Men’s Santa Cruz Clogs
LADY1499 for $14.99 Ladys
CLEO1499 for $14.99 Cleos
RELIEF1499 for $14.99 Reliefs
WAVE999 for $9.99 Waves
PRIMA999 for $9.99 Primas
GRADOM25 for 25% off any Ocean Minded style

I can’t think of a cheaper way to stock up on Crocs. Happy Croc-ing!


  1. Ooh: I’ve been thinking of crocs for my gardening shoes. Maybe now is the time!

  2. Amazing timing. I just this morning realized my son’s crocs are too small. Thanks!

  3. It doesn’t seem like the CROCS4SUMMER code works if you use any of the model-specific codes… but the STACK15 works!

  4. Thanks so much, Mir! You’re awesome. I needed a pair for my Hubby for Father’s Day and didn’t even have to go out in this heat to get them! 🙂

  5. Awesome, I got the new rain boots, a pair of Reliefs to try, and finally replaced my very first pair of Crocs!

  6. I can’t get any of the codes to work.

  7. The codes work if you use all caps. I had trouble at first too, but when I entered it that way they worked.

  8. I had trouble with CROCS4SUMMER, too, but the deal was so good with the other codes I didn’t mind. 🙂

  9. I couldn’t get crocs4summer to work but I did find DAD2DAY for free 2 day shipping!!

  10. Ok – got a pair of Conse (YOU brand). They are 4 inch heals that I’ve been eyeing for awhile now. Worth a shot for comfy heals for going back to work after maternity leave!

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