Buy a toy, get a toy

By Mir
June 17, 2010

Amazon is doing one of those promotions that’s a little tricky. If you’ve got a bit of patience, they’ll make it worth your while, though.

The deal is this: Buy a select toy, and get this $12 TRIO vehicle for free. The only problem is, you can’t go to one of those “Here, pick one of these” pages to find out what all qualifies, for some reason. Here’s some of the toys I’ve found that qualify for this promotion:
Imaginext Spike-Jaws Dinosaur for $16.49 (18% off)
Imaginext Super Friends Batmobile for $15.54 (38% off)
Imaginext Super Friends Batcave for $41.54 (17% off)
TRIO Wizard’s Castle for $22.54 (44% off)
TRIO Building Set for $17.14 (14% off)
TRIO Building Set with Storage for $20.54 (32% off)

Just add a qualifying toy to your cart, then the TRIO vehicle, and the latter will be free at checkout.

Me, of course, I’d go for the cheapest thing, because that’s like saving the most money with the free item, but I’m a little twisted that way. This is a great way to pick up a little somethin’ for your gift closet or to start your stash of toys to donate come the holidays.


  1. Just FYI, I got one of those free vehicles from ToysRUs at Christmas, and it’s really only a stocking-stuffer-level gift. It’s only 7 pieces and is about 4″ assembled. Like the commenters noted on the page, it’s more like a Happy Meal toy than a $12 toy. I wouldn’t buy it expecting it to be a classmate birthday gift or anything.

    And welcome back!!

  2. You can get it with this cute building set, too: Fisher-Price TRIO Building Set. No, I’m not linking to it. Go through one of Mir affiliate links and find it that way! 😉

    [Ed. note: I found two building sets that qualified and added them to the post. Thanks, Christy!]

  3. mir,

    If you click on the box with the free TRIO toy it takes you to a page that also has a link for ‘Buy one of these toys’ and get the car for free…


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