Bye-bye, bugs

By Mir
June 21, 2010
Category Contests

I came back from our vacation and was greeted by a veritable wall of boxes. Had I gone shopping-crazy? No! Just another batch of goodies to pass along to you, my loyal readers, who are smart and pretty and deserve free stuff.

With summer now in full swing, I think this week’s contest is particularly fitting. The nice folks at ThermaCELL asked if I’d like to take a look at their new mosquito repellent outdoor lantern and I said sure, because we do a fair amount of camping and mosquitoes are the bane of my camping existence. Well, they were kind enough to send me two, and you know what that means—one for me to try, and one for one of you.

This lantern purports to repel both mosquitoes and black flies in a 15′ x 15′ area, which means it’s plenty of room to enjoy your dinner, card game, or general campsite or back porch lollygagging without being eaten alive. I can’t wait to try it out.

Do you want to try it out, too? If the random number generator smiles upon you, I’ll send a lantern your way. To play, first go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 for an entry. As always, I’ll use the random number generator to determine our lucky winner, and then later someone will email me to accuse me of rigging the contest. (Oh, Internet! You and your wacky, bitter denizens!)

Ready to be bug-free? Go!


  1. pick me! bugs are crazy here in swampy florida!

  2. Yea! I’m number 1. Whoops, I’m number two but I’d love a bug away product.

  3. Oooh, I’d love that.

  4. That would be wonderful! It sure would make camping and the back yard more enjoyable!

  5. Yes please, me and son #1 are major mosquito magnets and citronella candles just don’t get the job done!

  6. I’m IN!

  7. Oh please, random number generator! Smile on me! The flies have been awful this year and my legs are already covered in mosquito bites.

  8. Just back from a camping trip — I could have used this. But I’ll be camping again next year, and my family does lots of outdoor BBQ.

  9. I would love one.

  10. Ha! I’m a back porch lollygagger! and I have bugs! This would be the perfect solution.

  11. I DARE it to work in my Minnesota backyard!

  12. Count me in – they never show the mosquitos in all those fabulous outdoor living pictures.

  13. That would be a GREAT addition to camping!!

  14. That sounds terrific! Count me in.

  15. Pick my number, random number generator!

  16. With all the rain we’ve had in New England, I’m afraid the mosquitos are going to pick us up and carry us away! Would LOVE this – and anxiously await your review.

  17. I need this!!!

  18. Me, pretty please! My daughter, magnet for bugbites, would be so grateful.

  19. Mosquitoes, ugh.

  20. Awesome. My daughter is just a wreck of big red swollen bites. I could use something that WORKS on our deck.

  21. Woo! I can’t wait to hear how it works for you!!

  22. def need one here

  23. hoping I might get this one…. Georgia has some big ole bugs!

  24. Can never have too many dead bugs!

  25. I think my neighbor breeds skeeters! I need all the help I can get!!

  26. Oh we would love this! Living in Colorado, the evenings are gorgeous, but then the mosquitoes come out an ruin it!

  27. I would love this! Our house backs up to a ravine and the mosquitoes are vicious!

  28. The bugs here are big enough to walk off with your wallet! Please pick me! Bugs. eck!

  29. Sounds a lot better than those stinky citronella candles!

  30. The bugs drive us crazy when camping. Mosquitos seemed to be attracted to me personally.

  31. Ick! Bugs!! They eat me alive! Hope I win!

  32. AWESOME! sign me up! thanks for a chance to win!

  33. We need this! The Louisiana swamp ‘squitos are the size of housecats!!!!

  34. Oh the buggies love me, this would be welcome relief!

  35. It’s like the dinner bell rings when my daughter and I step outside and I still have scars from bug bites from a few summers ago, so I love any product that keeps bugs away without having to slather a metric ton of chemicals on us!

  36. Me!! I get eaten alive on a daily basis when I am outside!!

  37. Yes! Would love this, thanks!

  38. smile upon me!!!!

  39. I am a fan of bug free! thanks for the opportunity.

  40. I’m in!

  41. So much rain! So many mosquitoes!

  42. yes, please! my husband is insanely allergic to mosquitoes — bites swell to the size of a golf ball, sometimes the size of a baseball, and regularly turn purple, not just angry pink.

  43. bugs be gone!!!!!

  44. I’m in.

  45. I would love one of these!

  46. Please, please. I’m a mosquito magnet.

  47. Perfect! The Skin So Soft is not working on the black flies this year. And they are driving the pups mad!!!

  48. Mir:

    I love your blogs and hate bugs (and you’re pretty too).


  49. I am allergic to mosquitos and would love something better to keep them away.

  50. I am a mosquito magnet! I would love to give this a try!

  51. My daughter is taking after her father and is being eaten alive by mosquitos, so this would be perfect!

  52. We could totally enjoy our backyard this summer with this product!

  53. Have you ever seen the size of the bugs here in Texas?

  54. I live in Florida. ‘Nuff said! 🙂

  55. I would really love this. I hate mosquitos and spend most of the camping day fighting them!

  56. This would be so great to have! Here in Louisiana, the mosquitos don’t wait for you to come outside… they are big enough to open the door themselves and come on inside!

  57. This would be great for out back yard.

  58. We love to entertain outdoors but prefer to not be eaten alive by the bugs – we would love to give this lantern a try!

  59. This would be great. My daughter gets eaten alive when we eat dinner on the deck, so maybe this would help.

  60. Sounds interesting! If the random number generator doesn’t smile on me (and it doesn’t seem to love me AT ALL), I won’t be bitter as long as you give a review! ‘Cuz if it works, I might get over the price enough to buy one.

  61. Black fly country checking in! I hope the random number generator smiles on me this time!

  62. Ewwww, I hate mosquitos sooo much

  63. Whoo Hoo!! We live in Arkansas and have a rice field in our back yard. We can not go outside after dark or be carried away. May I PLEASE be the random number your random number generator chooses. Thanks Mir!!

  64. I would really LOVE this!!!

  65. I would Love to try this out. Mosquitoes love me – so if this works I WANT IT!

  66. Wow…I would actually be able to use my backyard!!

  67. Would be perfect for my buggy backyard.

  68. would love to have this. do want.

  69. Bugs love me but I sooooo do not love them.

  70. We hate mosquitos!

  71. Thanks Mir! If I don’t win I promise I won’t accuse you of rigging it! 🙂

  72. Can I get an extra entry for living in Louisiana? 🙂

  73. This would be great to take on our upcoming camping trip!

  74. Would love to try it! We are mosquito central here…

  75. I would love it! My daughter’s bites swell like crazy!

  76. Yes, please! My backyard is full of bugs!

  77. Oooh! Our state bird is Mosquitos!! Pick me!

  78. no misquitos – that would be terriffic

  79. Yes, please! The perfect size for my porch.

  80. Bugs love me but I don’t love them back so please pick me!

  81. Mosquitos and black flies?? I’m in!!

  82. Would love one of these so I could enjoy the back porch without being eaten by the bugs!

  83. My family is total mosquito-fodder! This would be awesome!!

  84. ohhh, we camp a lot and would love this to get rid of the pesky critters! Thanks for the chance.

  85. Gimmee-gimmee-gimmeeee!!! I HATE mosquitos!

  86. Please pick me. I am someone who walks to her car and gets three mosquito bites.

  87. Bugs, I hate bugs…must keep them away!

  88. Ooh, a bug-free summer evening outdoors would be much appreciated. Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  89. You had me at black flies.

  90. Here in Wisconsin we have helicopters! With probosci!! That wait outside your door for you to come out!!! To drain you dry!!!1 Grr.

  91. would love to try this on our screened porch. . . yes, we get bugs in there. some where. some how.

  92. hey i like free stuff. wait a sec, i also hate bugs. i think i would be a perfect choice. a random one too!

  93. This is great I hate bugs

  94. Please pick me random number generator. I spend my summer sprinting from our house to our screenhouse in an attempt to keep some of my blood in my body and away from the skeeters!

  95. Hope it works on gnats!

  96. Minnesota bugs are the worst – please pick me 🙂

  97. Sounds awesome for this muggy, bug-ridden Florida yard!

  98. We go camping for a week every summer near Ithaca, NY. We would enjoy it even more if it were bug free! Please pick us (we’ll even send photos!)

  99. Our mosquitoes are TERRIBLE in our backyard right now, so would love to try one! 😀

  100. Ooh, I’d TOTALLY love to be bug-free!

  101. I would love this because mosquitoes love me!

  102. Somehow I am spending my upcoming birthday camping, not sure how that happened, but none the less, this would be awesome for that trip.

  103. Yes, please. Bugs are a bitin’ ’round here.

  104. You know I always want to win one of your contests, but this would be the best one ever! The mosquitoes & flies are driving me crazy!

  105. Pick me!

  106. Oooh! Oooh! Pick me, please!

  107. Thanks, Mir!

  108. That sounds WONDERFUL! If you only KNEW the week I have had, I promise you would pick me! 🙂

  109. Count me in! Perfect for the camping summer we have in progress!!

  110. with all the rain we’ve had here in the northwest, it’s an especially buggy year …

  111. Yes, please! We are so tired of bugs!! Thanks for the chance –

  112. I need one of these! It’s hard to enjoy a BBQ on our deck. The mosquitoes love me!

  113. I think houses should just come with something like this built in!

  114. Thank you! My parents house needs this!

  115. I am sweet and the mosquitoes love to feast on me.. this would let me enjoy the outside without being a snack for the blood suckers!

  116. A mosquito repeller would be wonderful!! Don’t suppose you have a whiney, bored, outta school kid repeller??

  117. Sign me up! Less bugs make me happy:)

  118. Mosquitos seem to like me, but if I win I will give it to my camp loving sister.

  119. ohpleaseohpleaseohplease! We are currently waging war on the mosquitoes out on our patio.

  120. The mosquitoes think I am their personal all-you-can-eat buffet. This would be a God-send. Pick me!

  121. My husband is a bug magnet so I’m sure he would love one of these things..

  122. That would be awesome! We are struggling with flies and mosquitoes this year – too much rain!

  123. This would be a wonderful addition to our patio out back!

  124. We have a couple of the hand-held Thermacells and love them, but the mosquito lantern would be great for camping!

  125. That lantern looks cool!!

  126. Oh, I would love this!

  127. I’d love to give this a try, though I’m sure if my # comes up, you’d toss it aside and pick someone else. 😉 I’d be just like you, Mir.

  128. Oh… definitely need this!!!

  129. I love to camp, but the hubby doesn’t like mosquitos so this would be great! 🙂

  130. Oh, I would LOVE this — mosquitoes have been feasting on my poor children and we’re all miserable because of it. Pick me, please! 🙂

  131. we like to camp, but I am discouraged by bugs – this would be GREAT! thanks!

  132. Ooh, ooh pick me. I need this for my new patio, which is currently just a big rectangle of dirt!!

  133. I believe in you and the RNG, Mir!! And I hate bugs.

  134. We’ll need this for our new home in Fairbanks. Thanks much!

  135. I’d love to win this! Bugs take all the fun out of being outside!

  136. Sounds great! Good contest!

  137. OMG. I hate mosquitos.

  138. Oooooh, yes for camping. Would love to try one out!!!

  139. Wow, I’d love this for our camping trip this summer.

  140. I can’t always have my husband around as bug bait. When he’s not around, I get bit. I WANT ONE!

  141. What a wonderful thing to keep the kids and campsite comfortable! In love already.

  142. Would LOVE this for our road-trip!

  143. This sounds great!

  144. Come on Random # Generator!! Why are you never my friend???

  145. This would be excellent! Also, even if I don’t win I’d love to hear your opinion on yours when you get around to using it.

  146. me me me!

  147. I’d love to try to win it, bugs seem to love me and my sweet boys.

  148. We have a camp at a lake, and a little bit of bug-free zone would be heaven!

  149. this would be great to try!

  150. Mosquitoes love me. It is not a mutual affair.

  151. sounds pretty great. thanks!

  152. This would be awesome!

  153. We need this in our own backyard. It just won’t quit raining and the bugs. Uhgggg!!!!

  154. OMG I need this!

  155. Oooooh! PIck me. I would love to find something that will help save us from endless bites while we camp this summer.

  156. Lotsa bugs here in Florida. I could definitely make great use of a bug-repelling light. Throw my hat into the random number generator and I’ll hope it’s not shredded to bits. 🙂

  157. I’ve really wanted to get one of these. Glad to know they work!

  158. I would love one of these!

  159. We loved, loved, loved our Thermacell until I dropped it out of my deer stand this past winter and broke it. I really need another one here in Texas, where the mosquitoes are bigger than your hand!!

  160. Ooooh I hope I win one!

  161. If you could see all of the mosquitos that attack me within 5 seconds of me walking outside, you would chose me to win this!

  162. We love camping and mosquitoes love me. This would be perfect!

  163. Wait, people accuse you of rigging the contests? (If you do rig this one, could you just do me the tiny favor of rigging it in my favor. ;~) ) I think you should rig it as so: “Guess what? Everyone wins one! Yay!” That’d be nice.

    On the real topic here, we finally live in an apartment building that realizes how important outdoor space is, so we have a small deck area as well as shelter houses and grill spots all around the property. This would be awesome to try! 🙂

  164. my boys are mosquito magnets and then they swell up wherever they are bitten. It’s not a good combination. I would so totally use this out on my deck in the house we are moving to in less than a month.

    you are so pretty Mir.


  165. You have no idea how much we need this in New Jersey!

  166. hope I win……!

  167. How about me?

  168. C’mon lucky numbers!! Love living in NOLA, hate the flies!

  169. People seriously accuse you of rigging your contests? Really? Wow, there really are all kinds in the world, aren’t there?

    All of this is to say, I would love one of those if they really work. And if I don’t win, I’m pretty sure it was rigged.

  170. I hate mosquitos!

  171. I’d love to repel the bugs that bug me! Does it work on teenagers? Never mind. The 6 legged kind are annoying, too.

  172. I’ve been buzzy all day, but I see I’m not too late. (Check out the bug I posted on FB today, Mir, if you dare! Got something to keep those away?)

  173. We don’t like bugs!

  174. Would love it!

  175. I’d love to this!

  176. I need this! I’m a mosquito magnet!

  177. Oh, how I need this!!!

  178. My son is allergic to every bug repellant known to man…I would love to try this to get rid of the biters!

  179. I just bought a house and, for the first time ever, actually own a yard (well, technically two, front & back) so this would be fabulously helpful oh pretty pretty Mir!

  180. Would love this – we’re on a lake so the bug issue is crazy. Unfortunately, our bat house is currently empty so this might help save us!

  181. The mosquito is our state bug so we could use this!

  182. Oh me! Me! I’ve been dying for one of these, stuck in my mosquito-filled pine forest!

  183. This would be great for some night swimming.

  184. Thanks Mir!

  185. I’ve got the bites from Day 1 of Girl Scout Day Camp to prove I need this.

  186. I’d love to try it out. The mosquitoes love my blood.

  187. I’ll bite 🙂

  188. ulgh, bugs love me- save me!

  189. We just put in a backyard dinner set and tent but the bugs still get in, hopefully I will win this and keep the bugs away!

  190. We just moved to SC so this would really come in handy!

  191. My munchkin just got eaten alive this past weekend. So if I don’t win, I’m still looking forward to hearing your review.

  192. I’m headed to Iowa in a few weeks, and boy, this would come in handy! Please pick us!

  193. I spend most of my summers out on the front porch, reading, doing math, and coloring with the neighborhood kids. I’d love to have this – we could color in comfort!

  194. oh, pick me please

  195. Being bug-free would be delightful!

  196. We could use a bug free, chemical free option at our new house with the totally scary and out of control garden.

  197. Perfect for our deck!

  198. This sounds great.

  199. We could definitely put this to a good test. The mosquitoes here in NJ should be the state bird!!

  200. I would love this for camping with my grandkids !

  201. Hey, if it doesn’t work, it’s still an atmospheric lantern, eh?

  202. Sounds great! We need this!

  203. please pick me

  204. this would come in very handy

  205. I hope I win!

  206. Mosquitos drive me crazy! I could really use one of these.

  207. We camp a lot too. Mosquitos are really hard to ward off!

  208. My backyard seems to be hosting a mosquito family reunion of sorts — I could really use this!

  209. Pick me! I am like a mosquito magnet.

  210. OHhhhh, how I could use this!

  211. This would be wonderful!!! pick me please!

  212. I so need that here in Florida.

  213. Oh my goodness I would really like to add this to my keeping bugs away arsenal. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  214. My daughter is dying to try one of these. She’s a bug magnet and hates the spray repellent. Thanks!

  215. I am a magnet for mosquitos so this would be awesome.

  216. would love to try it!!

  217. perfect for our vacation over the fourth of July.

  218. Oh, pretty please with sugar on top. I would love to let my kids enjoy the back yard again. But we back up to woods and a lake, and the kids are just so sweet. The evil bugs just love to nibble on them!

  219. oh yes, please pick us. I’ve already had a mosquito-borne enterovirus twice, and we’re just waiting for West Nile to hit next. But I LOVE to sit outside and read…

  220. Pick me, pick me! The mosquitoes LOVE LOVE LOVE to munch on me!

  221. We’re moving into a new house with a lot more outdoor space, and this sure would make it more usable in the Florida summer!

  222. This would be awesome. The mosquitos here are so bad that the city is actually spraying (or fogging) again like it did when we were kids . . . I think it may have caused some slight brain damage, but that’s probably better than the bugs!

  223. Mosquitos love my daughter and me. I would love to try this thing out. It would be nice to be outside without being eaten alive.

  224. Oh, we’re doing major battle with our skeeters and I’m not sure we’re winning yet. More ammo would be great!

  225. Oh I hate the bugs as much as they love me. Smile on me random number generator!

  226. Oh, the flies. THE FLIES!

  227. I’m in!

  228. Here in Minnesota, it’s snow in the winter and mosquitos in the summer. A bug repeller would be GREAT!! Do you suppose it would work on repelling the white stuff too??!!

  229. As a single Mom I take my son camping, but i do not love it! this might help though. 🙂

  230. fabulous!

  231. oh bugs be gone. so need this for vacation.

  232. We would love this! We have lots of camping trips planned for this summer and I hate mosquitos!

  233. Eewwww I hate mosquitos and so do my girls, well they might not know they hate bugs, but they know they hate bug bites and boy do those bugs love my 10 month old 🙁

  234. I would love to try this. I am allergic to citronella so I am always looking for ways to keeps the mosquitos away.

  235. This would be great for our backyard – we can hardly use it because of the mosquitoes.

  236. This would be great… going camping in a few weeks.

  237. Oh – If I could only send you a picture of my poor bitten feet/legs/hands and tell you how much this would improve my summertime enjoyment of my backyard! Would telling you that I have a big ol’ bite on my cheek sway the random number generator?? I am keeping my fingers crossed this week.

  238. I’d love to give it a try.

  239. Oooooh! I hate bugs! Thanks Mir!

  240. We camp several weeks a year. We sure could use a few less bugs!

  241. Thanks so much for the chance 🙂

  242. We camp every weekend at Lake Wedowee, AL. My daughter and I get eaten alive. Sweet meat? Anyway nothing works weve tried the Off fan thing, tiki torches, bug zappers, citronella candles, skin so soft…..etc….etc….

  243. My stepdaughter and I have blood that mosquitos consider a delicacy. They are compelled to feast and then brag to all their friends who also come zooming over to us. We’re happy to try something new!!

  244. I would love something to get rid of the bugs so I could sit outside around my pool in the evening.

  245. I have always thought my little girls were sweet and apparently the mosquitos around here agree!

  246. Oh that sounds great. Would love to try it!

  247. ooh, this would be so great! so many mosquitos here at the water!

  248. so many mosquitos here at the water!

  249. Oh please please please pick me! If there is one contest I would love to win and even write you a review you can take credit for and post, this is it! I just bought a new house and can’t use the yard!!! The previous owners abandoned it and it is so bitey-bug infested, my son and I get totally eaten up by the pesty residents! I am also running out of “itchy medicine” if you have any of that in one of those boxes! That green tin from Burt’s Bees is the bestest stuff ever. Anyway, please pick me!!!

  250. Me please, I hate bugs!

  251. I’d take one! We have a fabulous shaded patio that is un-fabulous for 90% of the summer because of all the mosquitoes.

  252. I’m a bug magnet. I could really use this!

  253. I would be a happy camper!

  254. I wouldn’t mind keeping the bugs away.

  255. Misquitoes – bah! Pick me please!

  256. i hate mosquitoes!!! this would be great! thanks mir!

  257. That would be so nice when we are out by the pool!

  258. WOOHOO, hook a sister up!

  259. Oh, I’m ready all right!

  260. We could stay outside longer in the evenings!!

  261. The only good mosquito is a dead mosquito!

  262. How did i miss this one? My daughter has an irrational fear of all flying insects. This would be a lifesaver for our family.

  263. Pick me!

  264. I killed a mosquito on my leg that was bigger than a horse fly. I SO need this.

  265. pick me

  266. I’m in!

  267. I hate bugs.

  268. Sounds great! Mosquitoes eat me alive!

  269. Would love it!!!

  270. I could really use one of those!

  271. I’d love help getting those little bugs off my legs!

  272. We have more mosquitos than we do bats and dragonflies… this could help! 🙂

  273. Ugh, mosquitoes. Two of my three and I get really nasty big welts, and I’m allergic to DEET. They see me coming and think “Dinner!”. Heh.

  274. My family has recently discovered tent camping and we love it . . . . everything but the bugs!! This would be fabulous.

  275. No more bug bites on my sweet-skinned children? Yes PRETTY please!

  276. Sounds great!

  277. I’m in MA, bugs are plentiful and awful!

  278. We here in the land of the flies need this!

  279. As always, I remain hopeful while not optimistic.

  280. bbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  281. Wow, that would be very handy to have around here… Thanks for the chance to win!

  282. Adios bugs!!

  283. It’s a really buggy summer!

  284. How can I help you get rid of this great lantern??
    count me in to the bugs can go out.

  285. Hope I made it in just under the wire! 🙂

  286. No more bugs??!! Heaven

  287. Can I use it in my kitchen? The children keep leaving the door open for the mosquitos!

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