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By Mir
June 21, 2010

I feel like I’m emerging from a thick fog; the week of being on vacation and then the following week of being sick (of course) have made my reentry into the real world a bit, ah, difficult. I think I’m finally back, though. Maybe. Let me finish this cup of coffee….

Hit any awesome deals while I’ve been trying to get my bearings? My Allure Box came this weekend, and although I’m sometimes a little disappointed, I think this was a really good one. (Note to self: Hide Stila lipglosses from grabby tween.)

Yesterday I had a rare day of alone time with no immediate looming deadlines, so I went thrifting. I’d hoped to find something fabulous for me, but that’s not how the day went. Alas. However, for about $20 I picked up a couple pairs of shorts and four pairs of uniform pants for my kids (including a tags-on brand new pair of $100 corduroys from J. Crew!), so it’s hard to complain.

What’s your greatest recent deal, my pretties?


  1. I was able to get a $79.99 wet/dry vac on Lowe’s for $10.60 through that Facebook code promo they did for pre-Father’s Day. Big Daddy was thrilled!

  2. I bought a badly needed (for my Alaska vacation…wooo!) raincoat for $30 this weekend at Marshall’s. LOVE it. I’ve been looking online at ones that ran $70-100 so I was very excited with my find.

  3. I had quite a deal-filled Saturday myself. On my way to pick up my CSA veggies for the week (the CSA we joined this year is a STEAL!) I got 7 books and two brachiosaurus toys at a yardsale for $2.75. Then the consignment store next to the CSA was having a 50% off everything sale so I got shorts and a dress. Woot!

  4. Was getting a work dress this weekend at Ann Taylor – was on sale like 50% off already so I thought I was paying $80 for a $160 – but oh – when I checked out – it was only $38. Pretty pretty dress. Love surprises like that!

  5. My Allure box arrived last week Tuesday. It was squished and squashed to smithereens. (It was shipped in only the bag, no box to be found). I replied to my order email confirmation – letting them know that it arrived in bad shape, not really expecting anything in return. I wasn’t even sure that the email address accepted incoming mail.

    On Saturday I received a brand spanking new box – this time packed inside a box and everything is in pristine condition. THAT to me was great customer service and I let them know that.

    Thanks for all the deals you so kindly share with us!

  6. I found a Yoana Baraschi dress ($300 at Anthropologie) for $8 at a consignment shop.
    It was as good as new and in my size – no fasting for a week to squeeze into it required 🙂

  7. Alas, my ‘deal’ is still a very expensive one – we need our entire backyard landscaped. After getting 3 estimates, all in the $5-$6 thousand range (yes, I said thousand!), I compared everything, and bargained with my favorite of the 3 to get all the best prices in one deal. My whole backyard will now be relandscaped with sod and rock, including paving my steps, for under $4000. Believe me, that is a heck of a deal!

  8. I am racking my brain wondering where in the heck I was when you posted that Beauty Box, Mir! I missed it somehow and now I am sad since they are sold out! I am thinking that it was the last week of school and I was in the furry of end-of-the-year activities! :-W

  9. We had a good Saturday, too. Got a nice rolltop desk (a few scratches, but a really heavy, well-made piece of furniture) for $45 at a yard sale. Also got this karate/judo punching thing for $40, went home and looked it up on Amazon, and it goes for $500 new! We’re planning to resell it on Craigslist.

  10. I had a great deal last weekend. Our about-to-be-ours new house needs furniture, and when we hit the big fancy furniture store, it turned out to be unadvertised friends-and-family sale day. Then they had a queen sized sleeper sofa, in a color we liked, on clearance. The final price of the sleeper sofa? $585. Not a insignificant amount of money, but a great price for what we needed. In fact, we liked it so much that, um, we bought two. (We were going to buy a futon couch for the basement…but now we have real furniture AND a future slumber party sleeping surface.)

  11. I got hubby two long-sleeved XL LLBean winter shirts for $1 (church rummage sale) and a vintage Coleman Lantern from the 60s (which he loves) at another tag sale for $2. Just when I was thinking I wouldn’t find him anything!

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